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    Manuel Montero-Odasso, Richard Camicioli, editors.
    Summary: This book provides practical tools for fall prevention in cognitively impaired older adults. The text presents a comprehensive and state-of-the-art update that covers the pathophysiology, epidemiology, and clinical presentation of the event, which affects up to 60 percent of aging patients with cognitive impairment. Written by transdisciplinary experts in experts in geriatric medicine, rehabilitation, neurology, and physiotherapy, the text presents practical, evidence-based guidelines for the assessment, approach, and treatment of these patients and includes illustrations and resources for quick reference. Falls and Cognition in Older Persons is a unique contribution to the literature serving geriatricians, family medicine physicians, emergency medicine physicians, neurologists, rehabilitation and physiotherapy specialists, geriatric nurses, and those interested in public health.

    Falls as a manifestation of brain Failure (Gait and Cognition)
    Dysmobility in aging and the role of cognition
    Epidemiology and Falls risk factors in cognitively impaired older adults
    Depression, Fear of falling, cognition and falls
    Consequences of falls in cognitively impaired people
    Dual-task gait, cognition and Falls
    Gait variability and Falls
    Assistive devices, falls, and cognitive aspects
    Imaging in "gait and cognition syndrome" and falls
    PD and Lewy Body Disease
    MCI: MMO and SMH
    AD and other dementias
    Approaches' in Hospitals and Nursing home settings
    Current gaps in Guidelines and Recommendations
    Physical exercises in cognitively vulnerable older adults and falls
    Cognitive training and falls reduction risk
    Vitamin D, falls and cognition
    Virtual Reality
    Cognitive enhancers
    Dual-task gait training
    Non-invasive brain stimulation
    Falls in cognitively impaired population: evidence, assumptions, and prospect research needed.
    Digital Access Springer 2020