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    [edited by] Dr. Victoria Lynn Handa, Dr. Linda Van Le.
    Section I Preparing for Surgery: Surgical anatomy of the female pelvis
    Preoperative care of the gynecologic patient
    Section II Principles of Gynecologic Surgery: Anesthesia primer for the gynecologist
    Patient positioning for pelvic surgery
    Surgical techniques, instruments, and suture
    Incisions for gynecologic surgery
    Surgical control of pelvic hemorrhage
    Principles of laparoscopy
    Principles of robotic surgery
    Section III Perioperative and Postoperative Care of the Gynecologic Patient: Postoperative care of the gynecologic patient
    Section IV Contemporary Gynecologic Surgical Procedures
    Dilation and curettage
    Surgical management of abortion and its complications
    Surgery for benign vulvar conditions
    Tubal sterilization
    Surgery of the ovary and fallopian tube
    Vaginal hysterectomy
    Abdominal hysterectomy
    Laparoscopic and robotic-assisted hysterectomy
    Section V: Gynecologic Oncology
    Section VI: Surgery for Pelvic Floor Disorders
    Section VII: Management of Selected Gynecologic Conditions
    Section VIII: Surgery for Obstetrical Complications.
    Digital Access Ovid 2020