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    Adrian Thomas, Francis Duck.
    Summary: This book explores the lives and achievements of two Irish sisters, Edith and Florence Stoney, who pioneered the use of new electromedical technologies, especially X-rays but also ultraviolet radiation and diathermy. In addition, however, the narrative follows several intertwined themes as experienced by the sisters during their lifetimes. Their upbringing, influenced by their liberal-minded scientist father, set the tone for both their lives. Irish independence fractured their family heritage. Their professional experiences, fulfilling for Florence as a qualified doctor but often frustrating for Edith as a Cambridge-educated scientist, mirrored those of other aspiring women during this period, when the suffragist movement expanded and womens lobby groups were formed. World War I created an environment in which their unusual specialist knowledge was widely needed, and the sisters war experiences are carefully examined in the book. But ultimately this is the extraordinary story of two independent but closely bonded sisters and their abiding love and support for one another.

    Chapter 1: Dublin
    Chapter 2: Oakley Park
    Chapter 3: Newnham College, Cambridge
    Chapter 4: Cheltenham
    Chapter 5: London School of Medicine for Women
    Chapter 6: Florence and X-rays
    Chapter 7: Teaching Physics
    Chapter 8: Challenge and Loss
    Chapter 9: Action and Reaction
    Chapter 10: Florences War
    Chapter 11: Chateau de Chanteloup
    Chapter 12: Serbia and Salonika
    Chapter 13: Mobile Radiography
    Chapter 14: Villers-CotterĂȘts
    Chapter 15: Royaumont Abbey
    Chapter 16: Return to Civilian Life
    Chapter 17: Family, Retirement and Travel
    Chapter 18: Legacy.
    Digital Access Springer 2019