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    Robin R. Preston, Thad E. Wilson.
    Summary: "An addition to the popular Lippincott's Illustrated Review (LIR) series, this comprehensive review of Physiology enables rapid review and assimilation of large amounts of complex information about the essentials of medical physiology. In keeping with the LIR series, LIR Physiology includes the popular features of the series: abundance of full-color, annotated illustrations; expanded outline format; chapter summaries; review questions; and Clinical Applications that link basic science to real-life clinical situations. The book can be used as a review text for a stand-alone physiology course in medical, health professions, and upper-level undergraduate programs or in conjunction with other LIR books for integrated courses. Ancillary online materials include full text, an image bank for faculty, and an interactive question bank for students"--Provided by publisher.

    Cell and membrane physiology
    Membrane excitability
    Osmosis and body fluids
    Epithelial and connective tissue
    Nervous system organization
    Central nervous system
    Autonomic nervous system
    Hearing and balance
    Taste and smell
    Motor control systems
    Skeletal muscle
    Cardiac muscle
    Smooth muscle
    Cardiac excitation
    Cardiac mechanics
    Blood and the vasculature
    Cardiovascular regulation
    Special circulations
    Lung mechanics
    Gas exchange
    Respiratory regulation
    Filtration and micturation
    Reabsorption and secretion
    Urine formation
    Water and electrolyte balance
    Principles and signaling
    Mouth, esophagus, and stomach
    Small and large intestines
    Exocrine pancreas and liver
    Endocrine pancreas and liver
    Adrenal glands
    Thyroid and parathyroid hormones
    Female and male gonads
    Pregnancy and birth
    Thermal stress and fever
    Systems failure.