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    [edited by] Emil H. Schemitsch, Michael D. McKee.
    Part I: Shoulder. Rotator cuff. Acromioplasty
    Rotator cuff repair: open technique for partial-thickness or small or medium full-thickness tears
    Rotator cuff repair: arthroscopic technique for partial-thickness or small or medium full-thickness tears
    Open repair of rotator cuff tears
    Arthroscopic repair of massive rotator cuff tears
    Operative fixation of symptomatic os acromiale
    Arthritic shoulder. Humeral head resurfacing arthroplasty,
    Humeral hemiarthroplasty with biologic glenoid resurfacing
    Total shoulder arthroplasty
    Rotator cuff tear arthroplasty: open surgical treatment
    Open unconstrained revision shoulder arthroplasty
    Instability. Closed treatment of shoulder dislocations
    Arthroscopic treatment of traumatic anterior instability of the shoulder
    Open treatment of anterior-inferior multidirectional instability of the shoulder
    Arthroscopic treatment of anterior-inferior multidirectional instability of the shoulder
    Anterior glenohumeral instability associated with glenoid or humeral bone deficiency: the latarjet procedure
    Open treatment of posterior-inferior shoulder instability
    Arthroscopic treatment of posterior-inferior multidirectional instability of the shoulder
    Open Bankart procedure for recurrent anterior shoulder dislocation
    Biceps tendon. Mini-open biceps tenodesis
    Arthroscopic biceps tenodesis
    SLAP lesion: arthroscopic reconstruction of the labrum and biceps anchor
    Treatment of the unstable shoulder with humeral head bone loss
    Clavicle. Open distal clavicle excision
    Arthroscopic distal clavicle resection
    Open treatment of acute and chronic acromioclavicular dislocations
    Sternoclavicular joint reconstruction using semitendinosus graft
    Trauma. Open reduction and internal fixation of acute midshaft clavicular fractures
    Intramedullary fixation of clavicle fractures
    Operative treatment of two-part proximal humerus fractures
    Open reduction and internal fixation of three- and four-part proximal humerus fractures
    Percutaneous fixation of proximal humerus fractures
    Proximal humerus fractures: hemiarthroplasty
    Operative management of scapular fractures
    Miscellaneous. Surgical approaches to the shoulder
    Arthrodesis of the shoulder
    Open and arthroscopic suprascapular nerve decompression
    Scapular surgery
    Adhesive capsulitis
    Arthroscopic treatment of calcific tendinitis in the shoulder
    Nerve transfers for shoulder and elbow restoration after upper trunk brachial plexus injuries
    Thoracic outlet syndrome
    Suprascapular nerve neuropathy
    Part II: Elbow. Introduction. Surgical approaches for open treatment of the elbow
    Elbow arthroscopy. Arthroscopy of the elbow: setup and portals
    Elbow arthritis and stiffness: open treatment
    Elbow arthritis and stiffness: arthroscopic treatment
    Arthroplasty. Radial head fractures: radial head replacement
    Total elbow arthroplasty
    Total elbow arthroplasty for the treatment of complex distal humerus fractures
    Radiocapitellar replacement
    Revision total elbow arthroplasty
    Soft tissue pathology. Medial epicondylitis: open treatment
    Lateral epicondylitis: arthroscopic and open treatment
    Repair of distal biceps tendon ruptures
    Repair and reconstruction of the ruptured triceps
    Nerves. Endoscopic cubital tunnel release
    Submuscular ulnar nerve transposition
    Surgical decompression for radial tunnel syndrome
    Trauma. Distal humerus fractures, including isolated distal lateral column and capitellar fractures
    Radial head fractures: open reduction and internal fixation
    Open treatment of complex traumatic elbow instability
    Surgical reconstruction of longitudinal radioulnar dissociation (Essex-Lopresti injury)
    Ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction using the modified Jobe technique
    Lateral ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction
    Miscellaneous. Soft tissue coverage
    Operative management of olecranon bursitis
    Elbow arthroscopic débridement for osteochondritis dissecans.
    Digital Access ClinicalKey 2020