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    volume editors, Susan Bard, New York, N.Y., David J. Goldberg, New York, N.Y.
    Summary: Today, nearly 60 years after the invention of the first medical laser, multiple laser and light systems exist and are applied in various medical specialties such as dermatology, ophthalmology, and urology. This volume - the first in the series Aesthetic Dermatology - focuses on the laser treatment of cutaneous lesions with a vascular target. Each chapter describes a particular laser or light modality and its specific application to a variety of both vascular and nonvascular lesions. Renowned specialists in laser medicine have contributed their expertise, incorporating current evidence-based literature and their own personal treatment recommendations, as well as pearls and perils. The purpose of this book is to explore the options and parameters available to treat cutaneous lesions traditionally responsive to vascular laser therapy and to expand the application to further lesion treatments. Readers who wish to broaden their knowledge and further hone their skills in treating cutaneous vascular lesions with lasers will find this publication a valuable and comprehensive review.

    Laser history, physics, and safety / Bard, S.
    Argon, krypton, and copper lasers / Styperek, A.R.
    Pulsed dye laser / Waibel, J.S.
    KTP laser / Green, J.B., Serowka, K., Saedi, N., Kaufman, J.
    Alexandrite and diode lasers / Nouri, K., Savas, J.A., Ledon, J., Franca, K., Chacon, A., Nouri, K.
    Nd:YAG laser / Kaufman, J.
    Intense pulsed light / Chen, A.F., Weiss, E.
    Complications of vascular laser treatment / Grunebaum, L.D., Bartlett, K.
    Digital Access Karger 2014