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    Qing Yang, Tamo Fukamizo, editors.
    Intro; Contents; Contributors; 1 An Introduction to the Book; Abstract; 2 Chitin: Structure, Chemistry and Biology; Abstract; 2.1 Introduction; 2.2 Chemistry; 2.3 Chemistry to Structure; 2.4 Structure to Biology; 2.5 Concluding Remarks; Acknowledgements; References; 3 Chitin Prevalence and Function in Bacteria, Fungi and Protists; Abstract; 3.1 Introduction; 3.2 Bacteria that Produce Chitin Oligosaccharides; 3.2.1 Nodulation Genes and Their Functions in Establishing Rhizobia-Legume Symbiosis; 3.3 Recognition of LCOs by Host Receptors 3.4 Fungi that Deposit Chitin (and Chitosan) as a Component of Cell (and Spore) Walls3.5 Cell and Spore Wall Structure in Fungi; 3.5.1 Structure and Regulation of the Chitin Synthase in Fungi; 3.5.2 Evolution and Classification of Fungal CHS Genes; 3.5.3 Chitin as a Target for the Immune System and Its Function in Pathogenicity and Symbiosis; 3.6 Chitin in Protists; 3.7 Methods Used for Chitin Detection in Protists; 3.8 Occurrence of Chitin in Protists; 3.9 Chitin in Pathogenic Protists; 3.10 Chitin Formation in Heterokont and Archaeplastidal Algae; 3.11 Conclusions; References PRRs in Other Species4.3.3 Relevant Signal Transduction Pathways Involved in Chitin Perception; Chitin-Induced Signal Transduction in Arabidopsis; AtPBL27; AtBIK1; Chitin-Induced Signal Transduction in Rice; OsRLCK185; OsRac1; OsBSR1; 4.4 Concluding Remarks; References; 5 Chitin Organizing and Modifying Enzymes and Proteins Involved In Remodeling of the Insect Cuticle; Abstract; 5.1 Introduction; 5.2 Chitin Synthases, the Enzymes that Polymerize Precursors of Chitin; 5.2.1 A Mechanistic View on Chitin Synthesis, Translocation and Fibrillogenesis 5.2.2 Specialization Among CHS Isoforms5.3 Chitinases; 5.3.1 Group I Chitinases; 5.3.2 Group II Chitinases; 5.3.3 Group III Chitinases; 5.3.4 TEM Analyses of Cuticle; 5.3.5 Group IV Chitinases; 5.3.6 Group V Chitinases; 5.3.7 Group VI Chitinases; 5.3.8 Other Chitinase Families; 5.4 N-acetylglucosaminidases; 5.5 Molting Fluid-Associated Chitinolytic Enzymes; 5.6 Chitin Deacetylases (CDAs); 5.6.1 Arthropod/Insect CDAs; 5.7 Chitin-Remodeling Proteins; 5.7.1 Knickkopf Family of Proteins; 5.7.2 CPAP Proteins; 5.7.3 Peritrophic Matrix Proteins (PMPs); 5.7.4 CPR Family Proteins
    Digital Access Springer 2019