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    Prateush Singh, editor.
    Summary: This book comprehensively covers hand trauma from initial presentation to management. Material is presented in an easy to follow practically applicable way, bridging the gap between what trainees encounter during training and what is encountered in a busy emergency department . Topics covered include upper limb anatomy, soft tissue injuries and infections, hand fractures, anaesthesia, and referrals from primary care, with detailed guides provided on how to successfully perform techniques such as digit replantation, extravasation, and locoregional flaps. Hand Trauma in Clinical Practice systematically describes a variety of categories of hand trauma, and plastic and orthopaedic surgical techniques. Therefore, it represents a valuable resource for practising and trainee plastic surgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, and emergency care specialists.

    Hand anatomy
    History and examination
    Practical notes in hand trauma
    Soft tissue injuries
    Hand infections
    Hand emergencies
    Tendon injuries
    Locoregional flaps in the hand
    Hand fractures
    Anaesthesia for upper limb surgery
    Referrals from primary care.
    Digital Access Springer 2019