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  • Book
    edited by Sandra Hassink, Sarah Hampl.
    Digital : AccessPediatrics2016
    Implementation guide for residency directors / Alma Delia Guerrero, Debra S. Lotstein, Wendy Slusser, and Jeannie S. Huang -- Epidemiology, prenatal risk and screening / Sarah Armstrong, Eliana Perrin, and Charles Wood -- Feeding recommendations for infants and toddlers / Claire K. Dalidowitz -- Nutrition assessment And intervention for the pre-school and school aged child / Michelle Demeule-Hayes, Holly Baker, and Lorilyn T. Russell -- Normative eating and adolescent nutrition / Alicia Dixon Docter, and Celia Framson -- Physical activity recommendations for children and adolescents / Joey C. Eisenmann, Christopher Kist, and Karin A. Pfeiffer -- Infant and toddler parenting strategies / Meredith L. Dreyer Gillette, Bethany J. Gaffka, and Kimberly Guion -- Parenting strategies for the preschool and school-aged child / Adelle Cadieux, Richard Boles, and Elizabeth Getzoff-Testa -- Parenting strategies for adolescents to prevent overweight and obesity / Laura A. Shaffer, Jane Gray, and Peg Miller Evans -- Assessment of childhood obesity / Susan J. Woolford, Carolyn Jasik, and Elsie Tavaras -- Stages of obesity treatment / Brooke Sweeney, Lena Sandifer, and Sarah E Barlow -- Childhood obesity related co-morbidities : identification and treatment / Melissa Santos, Stephen Pont, and Elizabeth Estrada -- Surgical considerations and complications in the morbidly obese adolescent/pediatric patient / George Datto and Kirk Reichard -- Motivational interviewing / Ada M. Fenick, Karen B. Dorsey, and Sherin S. Stahl -- Health information technology in management and patient communication / Thao-Ly Tam Phan and Lloyd N. Werk -- Cultural considerations for effective obesity prevention and intervention / Kimberly C. Avila Edwards, Amelie G. Ramirez, and Ashley E. Weedn -- Patient, practice, and hospital advocacy / Amy R. Beck, Sarah E. Hampl, Sandra G. Hassink -- Community resources for childhood obesity / H. Mollie Grow, Kristin Kan, and Sam Wittekind -- Community advocacy : taking obesity care from the exam room to the neighborhoods / Christopher Bolling, Eric Bosley, and Julia Wacker -- Systems of care and quality improvement : guiding the care of the child with obesity / Ihuoma Eneli-Gerri and Cannon Smith -- National advocacy and resources for childhood obesity / Sandra G. Hassink.