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    editors, Yvonne Chan, John C. Goddard.
    Part 1: General Otolaryngology -- Syndromes and eponyms -- Obstructive sleep apnea -- Laser and radiofrequency surgery-- Anesthesia for head and neck surgery -- Surgical hemostasis and clotting mechanisms -- Related neurology and neurosurgery -- The chest for ENT -- Nutrition, fluid, and electrolytes -- Antimicrobial therapy in otolaryngology--Head and neck surgery -- Parmacology and therapeutics -- Head and neck manifestations of HIV -- Granulomatous diseases of the head and neck -- Part 2: Otology/Neurotology/Audiology -- Anatomy of the ear -- Audiology -- Electrical response audiometry -- Vestibular and balance disorders -- Congential hearing loss -- Tinnitus -- Hearing rehabilitation: Surgical and nonsurgical -- Cochlear implants -- Facial nerve paralysis -- Infections of the temporal bone -- Noninfectious disorders of the ear -- Tumors of the temporal bone -- Endoscopic meddle ear surgery -- Part 3: Rhinology --Sinonasal development and anatomy -- Nasal function and the evaluation of taste/smell -- Acute rhinosinusitis -- Chronic rhinosinusitis -- Fungal Rhinosinusitis -- Diseases of the nasal cavity -- Tumors of the paranasal sinuses -- Endoscopic sinus surgery -- Endoscopic skull base surgery -- Part 4: Head and Neck -- Salivary gland diseases -- Anamony, physiology, and disorders of the oral cavity, pharynx, and esophagus -- Neck spaces and fascial planes -- Thyroid and parathyroid glands -- Cysts and tumors of the jaw -- Carotid body tumors and vascular anomalies -- TNM classification in otolaryngology--Head and neck surgery -- Malignant melanoma of the head and neck -- Tumors of the larynx -- Tumors of the oral cavity, pharynx, and esophagus -- The role of chemotherapy for head and neck cancer -- Radiation therapy for head and neck cancer -- Tumor biology of head and neck cancer -- Skull base surgery -- Part 5: Laryngology -- The larynx -- Part 6: Pediatrics -- Embryology of clefts and pouches -- Cleft lip and palate -- Pediatric otolaryngology -- Part 7: Facial plastic & reconstructive surgery -- Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery -- Reconstructive head and neck surgery -- Craniomaxillofacial trauma-- Orbital fractures -- ENT-Related ophthalmology -- Part 8: Allergy -- Immunology and allergy -- Part 9: Review -- Highlights and pearls.
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