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    edited by Mark Hochstrasser.
    Assays for protein retrotranslocation in ERAD / Sonya Neal, Sascha H. Duttke and Randolph Y. Hampton
    Methods for measuring misfolded protein clearance in the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae / Rahul S. Samant and Judith Frydman
    Methodologies to monitor protein turnover at the inner nuclear membrane / Pei-Ling Tsai, Chenguang Zhao and Christian Schlieker
    Assays for dissecting the in vitro enzymatic activity of yeast Ubc7 / Bayan Mashahreh, Yuval Reiss, Reuven Wiener and Tommer Ravid
    Methods for genetic analysis of mammalian ER-associated degradation / Dara E. Leto and Ron R. Kopito
    A dual system to manipulate protein levels for DNA replication- and cell cycle-related studies / Néstor García-Rodríguez and Helle D. Ulrich
    Engineered disulfide crosslinking to measure conformational changes in the 26S proteasome / Randi G. Reed and Robert J. Tomko Jr.
    Assays for ubiquitin-like protein ligation and proteasome function in archaea / Xian Fu, Zachary Adams and Julie Maupin-Furlow
    Structural mass spectrometry approaches to study the 20S proteasome / Gili Ben-Nissan, Shay Vimer, Mark Tarnavsky and Michal Sharon
    Single-molecule methods for measuring ubiquitination and protein stability / Jason Hon and Ying Lu
    In vitro analysis of proteasome-associated USP14 activity for substrate degradation and deubiquitylation / Srinivasan Muniyappan and Byung-Hoon Lee
    Methods for studying the regulation of membrane traffic by ubiquitin and the ESCRT pathway / Evan L. Guiney, Lu Zhu, Richa Sardana, Scott D. Emr and Matthew G. Baile
    Detection of ubiquitinated targets in mammalian and Drosophila models / Elena Maspero, Valentina Fajner, Janine Weber and Simona Polo
    Western blot analysis of the autophagosomal membrane protein LGG-1/LC3 in Caenorhabditis elegans / Alexander Springhorn and Thorsten Hoppe
    Monitoring stress-induced autophagic engulfment and degradation of the 26S proteasome in mammalian cells / Victoria Cohen-Kaplan, Ido Livneh, Yong Tae Kwon and Aaron Ciechanover.
    Digital Access ScienceDirect 2019