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    editor, Yves Reznik.
    Summary: This book covers the main fields of diabetes management through applied technologies. The different chapters include insulin therapy through basic insulin injection therapy, external and implantable insulin pumps and the more recent approaches such as sensor augmented pumps and close-loop systems. Islet transplantation is also described through its technical aspects and clinical evaluation. Glucose measurement through blood glucose meters and continuous glucose monitoring systems are comprehensively explained. Educational tools including videogames and software dedicated to diabetes management are depicted. Lastly, Telemedicine systems devoted to data transmission, telemonitoring and decision support systems are described and their use for supporting health systems are summarized. This book will help professionals involved in diabetes management understanding the contribution of diabetes technologies for promoting the optimization of glucose control and monitoring. This volume will be helpful in current clinical practice for diabetes management and also beneficial to students.

    Introduction to Diabetes technologies
    Insulin injection and blood glucose meter systems
    Insulin pump devices
    Continuous glucose monitoring systems
    Implantable pumps
    Close loop systems
    Islets transplantation
    Software in diabetes
    Telemedicine in Diabetes
    Videogames in Diabetes.
    Digital Access Springer 2019