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    Antonio Malvasi, Andrea Tinelli, Gian Carlo Di Renzo, editors.
    Summary: This book draws on recently acquired knowledge to provide the reader with comprehensive, up-to-date information on the full range of obstetric complications that may be encountered during the third trimester of pregnancy and puerperium. For each complication, risk factors and clinical presentation are described and detailed guidance is provided on the appropriate treatment. The lucid text is complemented by a wealth of images, diagrams, flow charts, and drawings. The volume has been compiled in collaboration with a large group of gynecologists, obstetricians and internationally renowned scientists to provide an essential guide. Accordingly, the book is of interest to practitioners across the world, enabling them to deepen their knowledge and to refine their approach to complications in daily clinical practice. .

    The Placenta as the Mirror of the Fetu
    Placental Vascular Pathology
    Abruptio Placenta
    Twin Pregnancies
    Fetal Distress And Labor Management
    Preterm Delivery
    Cord Disease And Fetal Asphyxia
    Operative Vaginal Delivery
    Shoulder Distocia
    Placenta Previa
    Placenta Accreta
    Cesarean Section
    Post-Partum Hemorrage (Pph)
    Anesthesiological And Analgesic Complications During Labor And Post-Delivery
    Puerperal Complications.
    Digital Access Springer 2017