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    Kathleen Sitzman, Jean Watson.
    Summary: This seminal work, based on the philosophy of Watson's Human Caring Theory, is designed to help students and practitioners of nursing to simplify Watson's complex teachings and integrate them into everyday practice. The revised second edition includes an abundance of new micro-practice examples for each of the 10 Caritas Processes®; practical exemplars from Dr. Sitzman's research, enabling readers to cultivate Caritas and mindfulness on a daily basis; and new case studies demonstrating how others have implemented Human Caring Science into everyday life and work. Drawing on the contemplative and mindfulness teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh, the text offers an engaging entry into Human Caring Theory for newcomers and deepens understanding for current practitioners. Clear and simple content supports foundational learning and promotes direct experience related to Watson's work. The book features guided mindfulness activities and artistic practices for each of the 10 Caritas Processes, plus case studies and guided procedures to facilitate learning and internalizing the method. The text also serves as the foundational text for the WCSI online course that provides step-by-step instructions on how to integrate and ground the philosophy and abstracts of Human Caring Theory into practice. -- Provided by publisher.

    Use of Mindfulness to Cultivate Understanding of Watson's Theory of Caring
    Overview of Watson's Theory (10 Caritas Processes®)
    Thich Nhat Hanh's Five Mindfulness Trainings
    Entering the Stream: Understanding and Living Out Jean Watson's Work
    The First Caritas Process®: Embrace Altruistic Values and Practice Lovingkindness With Self and Others
    The Second Caritas Process®: Be Authentically Present, Enable Faith and Hope, and Honor Others
    The Third Caritas Process®: Be Sensitive to Self and Others by Nurturing Individual Beliefs and Practices
    The Fourth Caritas Process®: Develop Helping-Trusting-Caring Relationships
    The Fifth Caritas Process®: Promote and Accept Positive and Negative Feelings as You Authentically Listen to Another's Story
    The Sixth Caritas Process®: Use Creative Scientific Problem-Solving Methods for Caring Decision Making - and Creative Solution-Seeking
    The Seventh Caritas Process®: Share Teaching and Learning That Addresses Individual Needs and Comprehension Styles
    The Eighth Caritas Process®: Create a Healing Environment for the Physical and Spiritual Self That Respects Human Dignity
    The Ninth Caritas Process®: Assist With Basic Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Human Needs
    The Tenth Caritas Process®: Open to Mystery and Allow Miracles to Enter
    Conclusions and Suggestions for Deepening Study