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  • Book
    edited by Joseph LoCicero III, Richard H. Feins, Yolonda L. Colson, Gaetano Rocco.
    Pt. A: Evolution of general thoracic surgery
    Sect. I: History and pioneers in thoracic surgery
    Pt. B: The lung, pleura, diaphragm and chest wall
    Sect. II: Structure and function of the chest wall and lungs
    Sect. III: Thoracic imaing
    Sect. IV: Diagnostic procedures
    Sect. V: Diagnostic procedures in pulmonary diseases
    Sect. VI: Preoperative assessment of the thoracic surgical patient
    Sect. VII: Preoperative and anesthetic management of the general thoracic surgical patient
    Sect. VIII: Pulmonary resections
    Sect. IX: Postoperative management of the general thoracic surgical patient
    Sect. X: The chest cage
    Sect. Xi: The diaphragm
    Sect. XII: The pleura
    Sect. XIII: The trachea and bronchi
    Sect. XIV: Congenital, structural, and inflammatory diseases of the lung
    Sect. XV: Carcinoma of the lung
    Sect. XVI: Other tumors of the lung
    Sect. XVII: Thoracic trauma
    Sect. XVIII: Understanding statistical analysis and medical decision making
    Pt. C: The esophagus
    Sect. XIX: Structure of the esophagus
    Sect. XX: Physiology of the esophagus
    Sect. XXI: Diagnostic studies of the esophagus
    Sect. XXII: Operative procedures in the management of esophageal disease
    Sect. XXIII: Congenital, structural, and inflammatory diseases of the esophagus
    Sect. XXIV: Malignant lesions of the esophagus
    Pt. D: The mediastinum
    Sect. XXV: Structure and function of the mediastinal contents
    Sect. XXVI: Noninvasive investigations
    Sect. XXVII: Invasive diagnostic investigations and surgical approaches
    Sect. XXVIII: Mediastinal infections, mass lesions in the mediastinum, and control of vascular obstructing symptomatology
    Sect. XXIX: Primary mediastinal tumors and syndromes associated with mediastinal lesions
    Sect. XXX: Mediastinal cysts.
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