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    American Heart Association.
    pt. 1. General concepts
    High-quality CPR
    The chain of survival
    Cardiac arrest or heart attack?
    pt. 2. BLS for adults
    BLS general concepts
    BLS healthcare provider adult cardiac arrest algorithm
    Adult 1-rescuer BLS sequence
    Adult chest compressions
    Adult breaths
    Opening the airway
    Barrier devices
    Bag-mask devices
    Adult 2-rescuer BLS sequence
    Team roles and duties for 2-rescuer CPR
    pt. 3. Automated external defibrillator for adults and children 8 years of age and older
    General concepts
    Using the AED
    Special circumstances
    pt. 4. Team dynamics
    General concepts
    Elements of effective team dynamics
    Roles during a resuscitation attempt
    What to communicate
    How to communicate
    pt. 5. BLS for infants and children
    General concepts
    BLS healthcare provider pediatric cardiac arrest algorithm for the single rescuer
    Infant and child 1-rescuer BLS sequence
    Infant/child chest compressions
    Infant/child breaths
    BLS healthcare provider pediatric cardiac arrest algorithm for 2 or more rescuers
    Infant and child 2-rescuer BLS sequence
    pt. 6. Automated external defibrillator for infants and for children less than 8 years of age
    AED for infants and children
    pt. 7. Ventilation techniques
    CPR and breaths with an advanced airway
    Rescue breathing
    Techniques for giving breaths without a barrier device
    pt. 8. Opioid-associated life-threatening emergencies
    General concepts
    Opioid-associated life-threatening emergency (adult) sequence
    pt. 9. Choking relief for adults, children, and infants
    General concepts
    Choking relief in a responsive adult or child
    Choking relief in an unresponsive adult or child
    Choking relief in infants
    Summary of high-quality CPR components for BLS providers
    Adult CPR and AED skills testing checklist
    Adult CPR and AED skills testing critical skills descriptors
    Infant CPR skills testing checklist
    Infant CPR skills testing critical skills descriptors.
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