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    Kevin Conrad, editor.
    Diagnosis and treatment of heart failure for inpatient providers / Hamang Patel and Amanda L. Bennett
    Hospital management of migraine / Jose Posas III, Elizabeth Verter, Yuang Wen, Alessandro Iliceto, Vi Tran, and Rinu Manacheril
    Candidemia : new directions for management and treatment / Amanda Theppote
    Adjunct corticosteroid therapy for patients with community acquired pneumonia / Guy Handley and Ryan Sullivan
    Procalcitonin and new biomarkers / N.A. Mir, D. Ho, J. Toews, and J. Walsham
    New developments and treatment options of cellulitis in the hospital / Stephanie Bender and Katherine Oakden
    An in-depth look into the management and treatment of delirium / Scott M. Fiedler and David Houghton
    Update in the treatment of sepsis and septic shock : Gyorgy Frendl and Daniela Lazea
    Palliative medicine / Sonia Malhotra and Robin Ulep
    Stroke units and their effect on patient outcomes / Gabriel Vidal and Tara von Kleist
    Update in perioperative medicine : updates, advances, controversies in perioperative care / Lakshmi N. Prasad Ravipati
    Obstetrics : the hospitalist's approach to the pregnant patient / Veronica Gillespie and Brittany McKinley
    Solving America's prescription epidemic : pathophysiology, ethics, chronic pain, and addition / Marianne Maumus
    Solving America's prescription epidemic : solutions, current practices, provider internal skills, and systems approach to care / Marianne Maumus
    Opioid risk tool assessing opioid risk : why is the sensitive question important? / Marianne Maumus
    Nonopioid and adjuvant analgesics for acute pain management / Michele L. Matthews, Raymond Melika, and Yulia Murray
    Hospitalist management of injectable drugs of abuse / Kevin Conrad and Taylor Austin
    Current state of hospital medicine : trends in compensation, practice patterns, advance practice providers, malpractice, and career satisfaction / Kevin Conrad and Theodora Valovska.
    Digital Access Springer 2018