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    volume editors, Falk Schwendicke, Jo Frencken, Nicola Innes.
    Pathophysiology of dental caries / G. Conrads, I. About
    Caries epidemiology and its challenges / J.E. Frencken
    Carious lesion diagnosis : methods, problems, thresholds / K.W. Neuhaus, A. Lussi
    Removing or controlling? how caries management impacts on the lifetime of teeth / F. Schwendicke, T. Lamont, N. Innes
    Restoring the carious lesion / G. Göstemeyer, F. Schwendicke, U. Blunck
    Removing carious tissue : why and how? / F. Schwendicke
    Stepwise excavation / L. Bjorndal
    Selective removal of carious tissue / D. Ricketts, N. Innes, F. Schwendicke
    Atraumatic restorative treatment : restorative component / S.C. Leal, C.C. Bonifacio, D.P. Raggio, J.E. Frencken
    Sealing carious tissue using resin and glass-ionomer cements / M. Fontana, N. Innes
    Sealing carious tissue in primary teeth using crowns / R.M. Santamaria, N. Innes
    No removal and inactivation of carious tissue : non-restorative cavity control / A.J.P. van Strijp, C. van Loveren
    Evidence-based deep carious lesion management : from concept to application in everyday clinical practice / S. Doméjean, B. Grosgogeat
    The problem : relevance, quality, and homogeneity of trial designs, outcomes, and reporting / G. Göstemeyer, C. Levey
    An agreed terminology for carious tissue removal / N. Innes, F. Schwendicke, J. Frencken
    Clinical recommendations on carious tissue removal in cavitated lesions / F. Schwendicke, J.E. Frencken, N.P.T. Innes
    Caries excavation : evidence gaps / N. Innes, M. Robertson, F. Schwendicke.
    Digital Access Karger 2018