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    Aleksandar M. Vlahovic, Emir Q. Haxhija.
    Summary: This book describes plastic surgery treatments in children for e.g. cleft lip and palate, polydactyly and syndactyly, pigment lesions, benign and malign skin and soft tissue tumors, and vascular anomalies. Every chapter starts with a short introduction, followed by sections on patient evaluation, treatment options and postoperative care. Supporting images and pitfalls are also included. Based on the authors experience, the book offers pediatric plastic surgeons a valuable guide in their everyday work, while also introducing interested practitioners to the field. Pediatric plastic surgery is a specific field of surgery which includes reconstructive and aesthetic-cosmetic procedures in children. The majority of procedures are reconstructive in nature, making aesthetic considerations especially important. As aesthetic procedures in children are not so frequent, only a small group of clinicians are familiar with this part of surgery.

    Microtia and other congenital auricular deformities
    Breast augmentation in children
    Breast reconstruction in congenital deformities
    Male breast reduction
    Cleft lip and palate
    Pigment lesions
    Benign soft tissue tumors
    Malign soft tissue tumors
    Lymphatic malformation
    Venous malformation.
    Digital Access Springer 2017