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    edited by Peter Hopewood, Mary J. Milroy.
    Summary: This book follows the continuum of cancer care model as its outline vide infra. As cancer is now a very multidisciplinary disease, it encourages dedicated professionals from various specialties as well as active patient cooperation in order to improve successful treatment and survival. This text will serve as a detailed reference source for healthcare providers intending to improve the quality of survivorship of cancer patients, as well as help create affordable care plans. Initially it discusses the current cancer care crisis on a global and then national platform. Chapters include discussions about disability adjusted life years lost, lost productivity, loss of life and its impact upon the nation and communities. In order to deescalate the financial impact of cancer on society and government, this text incorporates smarter and efficient treatment alternatives that will also improve the survivorship of patients, families and caregivers. It also illustrates how prevention and screening programs can be incorporated to improve cancer care. Quality Cancer Care: Survivorship Before, During and After Treatment will become an invaluable resource for healthcare professionals and clinical staff involved in the delivery of cancer care.

    Outlining the Crisis in Cancer Care
    Public Reporting of Institution and Provider Level Outcomes
    Cancer Statistics: Global and National
    Understanding the Social Determinants of Cancer: Challenges, Opportunities and Pathways to Success
    How Prevention and Screening Programs Can Be Identified Through a Community Health Needs Assessment
    The Role of Quality Metrics in Improving Oncologic Survival
    Patient Navigation in Cancer Care Delivery
    Oncology Rehabilitation
    Building a Team to Improve Cancer Survivorship
    Integrative Care's Increasing Role
    Medical-Legal Partnerships in Cancer Care
    Palliative Care for Cancer and Treatment Related Changes for In-Patients
    Ambulatory Palliative Care
    End-of-Life Care and Cancer: Psychosocial Needs of Patients and the Bereaved
    Physician Leadership.
    Digital Access Springer 2018