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    by Frank Ching.
    Summary: This book reviews the medical history of Hong Kong, beginning with its birth as a British colony. It introduces the origins of Hong Kong's medical education, which began in 1887 when the London Missionary Society set up the Hong Kong College of Medicine for Chinese. When the University of Hong Kong was established in 1911, the College became its medical faculty. The faculty has gained distinction over the years for innovative surgical techniques, for discovering the SARS virus and for its contribution to advances in medical and health sciences. This book is meant for general readers as well as medical practitioners. It is a work for anyone interested in Hong Kong or in medical education.

    and a Hospital
    The College of Medicine for Chinese
    The Early Years
    The Bubonic Plague
    and a Degree of Recognition
    Brave New World
    War: The University in Suspended Animation
    After the Re-Establishment
    The Hong Kong Operation
    The Department of Medicine Steps Up
    Taking Hong Kong Surgery to the World
    Faculty Evolves Into Regional Medical Education Hub
    Preparing for the Handover.
    Digital Access Springer 2018