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    Megan A. Moreno, Ana Radovic, editors.
    Summary: This comprehensive book provides a framework for healthcare providers working with the dual challenges and opportunities presented by the intersection of mental health and technology. Technology and Adolescent Mental Health provides recent, evidence-based approaches that are applicable to clinical practice and adolescent care, with each chapter including a patient case illustrating key components of the chapter contents. Early chapters address the epidemiology of mental health, while the second section of the book deals with how both offline and online worlds affect mental health, presenting both positive and negative outcomes, and focusing on special populations of at-risk adolescents. The third section of the book focuses on technology uses for observation, diagnosis or screening for mental health conditions. The final section highlights promising future approaches to technology, and tools for improving intervention and treatment for mental health concerns and illnesses. This book will be a key resource for pediatricians, family physicians, internal medicine providers, adolescent medicine and psychiatry specialists, psychologists, social workers, as well as any other healthcare providers working with adolescents and mental health care.

    Part I Epidemiology of mental health and technology
    An overview of adolescent mental health / Henry Berman
    Adolescents seeking online health information: Topics, approaches, and challenges / Jason B. Colditz, Michelle S. Woods, and Brian A. Primack
    How mental health conditions affect online use and access / Yolanda N. Evans
    Technology use among special populations / Allison Schimmel-Bristow and Kym R. Ahrens
    Part II Associations between mental health symptoms and technology use
    Positive and negative associations between adolescent mental health and technology / Linda Charmaraman, Tracy Gladstone, and Amanda Richer
    Social media use and display of depressive symptoms online by adolescents and young adults / Ana Radovic, Olga Santesteban-Echarri, Mario Álvarez-Jiménez, John Gleeson, Simon M. Rice, and Megan A. Moreno
    Cyberbullying and mental health / Rajitha Kota and Ellen Selkie
    Media multitasking and mental health / Nancy A. Cheever, Kristin Peviani, and Larry D. Rosen
    Internet gaming disorder / Jeffrey N. Rokkum, Jorge A. Blanco-Herrera, Manuela E. Faulhaber, and Douglas A. Gentile
    When does internet and smartphone use become a problem? / Nancy A. Cheever, Megan A. Moreno, and Larry D. Rosen
    Part III Use of technology for diagnosis, intervention, and treatment
    Identifying symptoms using technology / Afsaneh Doryab
    Social media data for online adolescent suicide risk identification: Considerations for integration within platforms, clinics, and schools / Molly Adrian and Aaron R. Lyon
    Telemental health / Jennifer Mc Williams and Kathleen Myers
    Social media interventions for adolescents and young people with depression and psychosis / Olga Santesteban-Echarri, Mario Álvarez-Jiménez, John Gleeson, and Simon M. Rice
    The role of texting in addressing mental health / Megan L. Ranney, Anthony R. Pisani, and Lauren S. Chernick
    Online therapy for adolescent mental health / Huma Ali Khan, Karen Bernstein, and Benjamin Van Voorhees
    Video games and their impact on teens' mental health / Melissa E. DeRosier and James M. Thomas
    Apps for mental health / Oliver Lindhiem and Jordan L. Harris
    Comprehensive approaches using technology to address mental health / Scottye J. Cash, Stephanie Craig Rushing, and David Stephens.
    Digital Access Springer 2018