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    Michel Bolla, Hendrik van Poppel, editors.
    Summary: This exhaustive review of prostate cancer management covers epidemiology, biology, chemoprevention, screening and diagnosis, therapies including surgery, radiation, high-intensity ultrasound, cryotherapy, and more. Includes up-to-date clinical trial data.

    Epidemiology of prostate cancer in Europe: patterns, trends and determinants
    Individual and population-based screening
    Biomarkers for prostate cancer
    The clinical genomics of prostate cancer
    Prostate cancer imaging: an ongoing change of paradigm
    Nuclear Medecine (Bone scan, Choline and PSMA PET/CT)
    Diagnosis, clinical workup, and TNM classification
    Active surveillance for low risk prostate cancer
    Open Radical Prostatectomy
    The robotic laparoscopic radical prostatectomy
    Permanent and high dose rate Brachytherapy (technique, indications, results, morbidity)
    IMRT, hypofractionated radiotherapy and stereotactic radiotherapy: technique, indications, and results
    Combination of androgen deprivation therapy and radiation therapy for locally advanced and localized prostate cancer
    Postoperative irradiation: immediate or early delayed?
    High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) for prostate cancer
    Prostate Cryotherapy
    Salvage prostate brachytherapy for postradiation local failure
    Follow-up after radical treatments and relapse
    First-line hormonal manipulation: surgical and medical castration with LHRH agonists and antagonists, steroids, and pure antiandrogens
    Chemotherapy and androgen receptor-directed treatment of castration resistant metastatic prostate cancer
    Bone-targeted therapies in prostate cancer
    Immunotherapy and targeted therapies in advanced castration resistant prostate cancer
    How to interpret numeric results in publications?
    Management of prostate cancer: EAU guidelines on screening, diagnosis and local primary treatment
    The millenium patients' perspective.
    Digital Access Springer 2017