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    Martin Sonnenschein, Christian Waldherr.
    Digital : Springer2017
    Basic Principles of Breast Tomosynthesis -- Diagnostic Criteria (Form, Margins, Pattern) -- BI-RADS and ACR -- Indications for Breast-Tomosynthesis (Densitiy, Risk factors, Localisation, Tumor Size, Margins, Multifocality) -- Screening tool and early detection -- Benigne Changes (Cysts, Fibroadenomas, Papillomas, Infection) -- BI-RADS -- Malignant Changes (MV, DCIS, LCIS) -- BI-RADS -- Postsurgical Changes (scar, fatnecrosis, radiation) -- Tomo-guided Interventions (VABB, Loc., Galactography).