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    editor, Joel A. Kaplan, Brett Cronin, Timothy Maus.
    Summary: The chapters in Essentials of Cardiac Anesthesia for Noncardiac Surgery have been written by acknowledged experts in each specific area, and the material has been coordinated to maximize its clinical value. Recent information has been integrated from anesthesiology, surgery, cardiology, critical care medicine, and clinical pharmacology to present a complete clinical picture. This “essential” information will assist the clinician in understanding the basic principles of each subject and facilitate their application in practice. Because of the large volume of information presented, several teaching aids have been included to help highlight the most important clinical information. Teaching boxes include many of the key take-home messages. In addition, the Key Points at the start of each chapter highlight the major areas covered. Finally, each chapter includes a list of Suggested Reading for additional information, rather than an extensive list of references.

    1. Perioperative cardiovascular evaluation and management for noncardiac surgery
    2. Perioperative approach to the high-risk cardiac patient
    3. Care of the patient with coronary stents undergoing noncardiac surgery
    4. Cardiovascular implantable electronic device management in noncardiac surgery
    5. Left venticular assist device-supported patient presenting for noncardiac surgery
    6. Anesthesia for noncardiac surgery after heart transplant
    7. Pulmonary hypertension in noncardiac surgical patients
    8. Adult congential heart disease in noncardiac surgery
    9. Cardiovascular monitoring in noncardiac surgery
    10. Echocardiography in noncardiac surgery
    11. Cardiovascular pharmacology in noncardiac surgery
    12. General, regional, or monitored anesthesia care for the cardiac patient undergoing noncardiac surgery
    13. Vascular surgery: endovascular and open surgery
    14. The cardiac patient for thoracic noncardiac surgery
    15. Anesthesia for cardioversion and electrophysiologic procedures
    16. Cardiac patients requiring emergent noncardiac surgery
    17. Cardiac considerations during orthotopic liver transplantation
    18. The pregnant patient with cardiac disease
    19. Goal-directed fluid therapy, perioperative pain management, and enhanced recovery
    20. Management in the postanesthesia care unit of complications in cardiac patients
    21. Postoperative care of the critically ill
    22. Reducing major adverse cardiac events and all-cause mortality in noncardiac surgery: perioperative strategies.
    Digital Access ClinicalKey 2019