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    Jorge L. Alio, Dimitri T. Azar, editors.
    Summary: The diversity of procedures that characterize modern refractive surgery makes it, both for the beginner and the experienced surgeon, necessary to have well established guidelines to face refractive complications. This lavishly illustrated guide is written by international opinion leaders with extensive experience in the practice of refractive surgery. It offers the reader practical pearls to the solution and prevention of the different complications of corneal and refractive surgery. This book provides ophthalmic surgeons with appropriate solutions for the most frequent problems they would face in their daily practice. Surgical complications are described and illustrated from their pathogenesis to various treatment modalities. Complications covered include: Intraoperative complications (e.g. those encountered during femtosecond laser, SMILE and LASIK, corneal refractive surgery, refractive lens exchange, and intraocular refractive procedures); early post-operative complications and late post-operative complications. This illustrated guide is written by international opinion leaders with extensive experience in the practice of refractive surgery. Devoted to refractive complications, it provides ophthalmic surgeons with the most adequate solutions for the most frequent problems.

    Section I: Overview
    Chapter 1: Refractive Surgery Outcomes and Frequency of Complications
    Chapter 2: Influence of Refractive Surgery on Quality of Life
    Section II: LASIK Intraoperative Complications
    Chapter 3: Thin, Irregular, Buttonhole Flaps
    Chapter 4: Intraoperative flap complications in LASIK: prevention and management of free flaps
    Chapter 5: Management of the Distorted Flap
    Section III: LASIK
    Chapter 6: Scarring
    Chapter 7: Infections after Refractive Surgery
    Chapter 8: Diffuse Lamellar Keratitis
    Chapter 9: Pressure-Induced Interlamellar Stromal Keratitis and PED Masquerade Syndrome
    Chapter 10: Prevention and Management of Flap Striae after LASIK
    Chapter 11: Marginal Sterile Corneal Infiltrates after LASIK and Corneal Procedures
    Chapter 12: Melting
    Chapter 13: Dry Eye
    Chapter 14: Corneal Dysesthesia following LASIK
    Chapter 15: Epithelial Ingrowth
    Chapter 16: Corneal Ectasia
    Chapter 17: Ptosis
    Section IV: Refractive Miscalculation
    Chapter 18: Refractive Miscalculation with Refractive Surprise: Sphere
    Chapter 19: Refractive Miscalculation with Refractive Surprise: Cylinder
    Section V: Optical Aberrations and Corneal Irregularities
    Chapter 20. Causes of Higher Order Aberrations Induction in Excimer Laser Surgery
    Chapter 21: Night Vision Disturbances Following Refractive Surgery: Causes, Prevention and Treatment
    Chapter 22: Decentration
    Chapter 23: Corneal Irregularity Following Refractive Surgery: Causes and Therapeutic Approaches
    Section VI: Optic nerve, Retinal and Binocular Vision
    Chapter 24: Optic Neuropathy and Retinal Complications after Refractive Surgery
    Chapter 25: Effect of Refractive Surgery on Strabismus and Binocular Vision
    Chapter 26: Small Incision Lenticule Extraction (SMILE) Complications
    Chapter 27: Complications and Management with the Femtosecond Laser
    Section VII: Surface Ablation: Complications.- Chapter 28: Complications of Laser Epithelial Keratomileusis (LASEK)
    Chapter 29: Corneal Haze after Keratorefractive Surgery
    Section VIII: Phakic Intraocular Lens Complication
    Chapter 30: Complications of Anterior Chamber Angle Supported Phakic Intraocular Lenses-Prevention and Treatment
    Chapter 31: Complications of Iris Supported Phakic IOLs
    Chapter 32: Complications of Posterior Chamber Phakic IOLs
    Chapter 33: Retinal Detachment
    Chapter 34: Refractive Lens Exchange and Choroidal
    Chapter 35: Complications of Multifocal Intraocular Lenses
    Chapter 36: Refractive Surprise after Cataract following Corneal Refractive Surgery
    Section IX: Other Refractive Surgical Procedures
    Chapter 37: Complications of Refractive Keratotomy
    Chapter 38: Management of Complications of Intracorneal Ring Segment Implantation
    Chapter 39: Corneal Inlays: Complications
    Chapter 40: Complications of Corneal Collagen Cross-linking
    Chapter 41: CXL for post-LASIK ectasia
    Section X: The Patient
    Chapter 42: Predicting the Unhappy Patient and Patient Expectations.
    Digital Access Springer 2018