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    Sandra Schüssler, Christa Lohrmann, editors.
    Summary: Written by leading international experts, this book discusses the latest advances in the field of dementia in nursing homes. The topics and findings covered are based on their survey and on a scientific literature review. Dementia is spreading worldwide, placing a growing burden on healthcare systems and caregivers, as well as those affected. With increasing and complex care needs, nursing home admission is often necessary. Globally, over half of nursing home residents suffer from dementia. The book provides essential information on the most important issues in dementia in nursing homes today, including meaningful activities, patient-/person-centered care, psychosocial interventions, challenging behavior, inclusion and support of family members, pain, staff training and education, communication, polypharmacy, quality of life, end-of-life care and advanced care planning, depression, delirium, multidisciplinary approaches, physical restraints and care dependency. Each topic is covered by an international expert in dementia. As such, the book will appeal to professional nurses, nursing scientists, nursing students, other healthcare professionals, and to a broad readership, and will provide a valuable resource for those working in nursing homes, as well as researchers in the field. - Publisher.

    Introduction / Sandra Schüssler, and Christa Lohrmann
    Meaningful Activities / Jennifer Wenborn
    Patient-/Person-Centered Care / Kathryn A. Weigel
    Psychosocial Interventions / Evelyn Finnema, Cora van der Kooij, Rose-Marie Droes, and Linda Wolter
    Challenging Behavior in Nursing Home Residents with Dementia / Martin Smalbrugge, Sandra A. Zwijsen, Raymond C.T.M. Koopmans, and Debby L. Gerritsen
    Inclusion and Support of Family Members in Nursing Homes / Hilde Verbeek
    Pain in Dementia / Sandra M.G. Zwakhalen
    Staff Training and Education / Eira I. Klich-Heartt
    Communication in Dementia / Paul Watts, and Stephen J. O'Connor
    Polypharmacy in Nursing Home Residents with Dementia / Rob J. van Marum
    Quality of Life of People with Dementia in Nursing Homes / Martin N. Dichter and Gabriel Meyer
    End-of-Life Care and Advance Care Planning in Dementia / Stephen J. O'Connor
    Depression in Nursing Home Residents with Dementia / Debby L. Gerritsen, Roeslan Leontjevas, Sandrea A. Zwijsen, Raymond C.T.M. Koopmans, and Martin Smalbrugge
    Delirium / John P. Gilmore and Katherine A. Weigel
    Dementia Care in Nursing Homes Requires a Multidisciplinary Approach / Jos Schols and Tinie Kardol
    The Prevention and Reduction of Physical Restraint Use in Long-Term Care / Jan Hamers
    Care Dependency / Ate Dijkstra.
    Digital Access Springer 2017