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    Elisabetta Costantini, Donata Villari, Maria Teresa Filocamo, editors.
    Sociocultural considerations / Donata Villari
    Anatomical and physiological description of women's sexuality / Serena Maruccia and Angela Maurizi
    Female sexuality: a state of mind / Linda Vignozzi
    Evaluation systems of female sexual function / Maria Teresa Filocamo and Nadine Di Donato
    Becoming a woman: when and why gender dysphoria may challenge the basic steps of women's sexual identity / Alessandra Graziottin
    Endometriosis and sexuality / Nadine Di Donato and Renato Serachhioli
    POP and impact of surgery on female sexual life / Montserrat Espuña Pons, Franca Natale, and Elisabetta Costantini
    Urinary incontinence and mid-urethral slings: which is the impact on female sexual life? / Elisabetta Costantini
    Female sexual life during malignancies / Donata Villari
    Sexuality in couples with reproductive difficulties / Lucia Alves Silva Lara
    Sexuality after abuse / Valeria Dubini
    Female sexual dysfunction in alcohol and drug abuse / Marina Ziche
    Female sexual function during male sexual dysfunction and vice versa / Maria Antonella Bertozzi and Valeria Ales
    Female sexuality in chronic pelvic pain / Antonella Giannantoni
    Female sexual function and neurological disease / Elena Andretta
    Female genital cosmetic surgery / Sushma Srikrishna and Linda Cardozo
    Role of physical therapy in the treatment of female dysfunction / Merete Kolber Tennfjord, Marie Ellström Engh, and Kari Bø.
    Digital Access Springer 2017