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    edited by Vahe Bandarian.
    Summary: "Radical SAM Enzymes, Volume 606, the latest release in the Methods in Enzymology series, highlights new advances in the field, with this new volume presenting interesting chapters on the Characterization of the glycyl radical enzyme choline trimethylamine-lyase and its radical S-adenosylmethionine activating enzyme, Diphathimide biosynthesis, Radical SAM glycyl radical activating enzymes, Radical SAM enzyme BioB in the biosynthesis of biotin, Biogenesis of the PQQ cofactor, Role of MoaAC in the biogenesis of the molybdenum cofactor, Biosynthesis of the nitrogenase cofactor, Bioinformatics of the radical SAM superfamily, The involvement of SAM radical enzymes in the biosynthesis of methanogenic coenzymes, methanopterin and coenzyme F420, and more"--Publisher.

    Atlas of the Radical SAM Superfamily: Divergent Evolution of Function Using a "Plug and Play" Domain / Gemma L. Holliday, Eyal Akiva, Elaine C. Meng, Shoshana D. Brown, Sara Calhoun, Ursula Pieper, Andrej Sali, Squire J. Booker and Patricia C. Babbitt
    Purification and Characterization of the Choline Trimethylamine-Lyase (CutC)-Activating Protein CutD / Smaranda Bodea and Emily P. Balskus
    QueE: A Radical SAM Enzyme Involved in the Biosynthesis of 7-Deazapurine Containing Natural Products / Julia K. Lewis, Nathan A. Bruender and Vahe Bandarian
    TYW1: A Radical SAM Enzyme Involved in the Biosynthesis of Wybutosine Bases / Anthony P. Young and Vahe Bandarian
    Mechanistic Studies on the Radical SAM Enzyme Tryptophan Lyase (NosL) / Dhananjay M. Bhandari, Dmytro Fedoseyenko and Tadhg P. Begley
    Aminofutalosine Synthase (MqnE): A New Catalytic Motif in Radical SAM Enzymology / Sumedh Joshi, Dmytro Fedoseyenko, Nilkamal Mahanta and Tadhg P. Begley
    Iterative Methylations Resulting in the Biosynthesis of the t-Butyl Group Catalyzed by a B12-Dependent Radical SAM Enzyme in Cystobactamid Biosynthesis / Yuanyou Wang, Bastien Schnell, Rolf Müller and Tadhg P. Begley
    Biochemical Approaches for Understanding Iron-sulfur Cluster Regeneration in Escherichia coli Lipoyl Synthase during Catalysis / Erin L. McCarthy and Squire J. Booker
    Using Peptide Mimics to Study the Biosynthesis of the Side-Ring System of Nosiheptide / Bo Wang, Joseph W. LaMattina, Edward D. Badding, Lauren K. Gadsby, Tyler L. Grove and Squire J. Booker
    Mechanistic Studies of Radical SAM Enzymes: Pyruvate Formate-Lyase Activating Enzyme and Lysine 2,3-Aminomutase Case Studies / Amanda S. Byer, Elizabeth C. McDaniel, Stella Impano, William E. Broderick and Joan B. Broderick
    Determining Redox Potentials of the Iron-Sulfur Clusters of the AdoMet Radical Enzyme Superfamily / Stephanie J. Maiocco, Lindsey M. Walker and Sean J. Elliott
    Radical S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine (SAM) Enzyme Involved in the Maturation of the Nitrogenase Cluster / Lee Rettberg, Kazuki Tanifuji, Andrew Jasniewski, Markus Walter Ribbe and Yilin Hu
    Purification, Characterization, and Biochemical Assays of Biotin Synthase from Escherichia coli / Julia D. Cramer and Joseph T. Jarrett
    Methods for Expression, Purification, and Characterization of PqqE, a Radical SAM Enzyme in the PQQ Biosynthetic Pathway / Wen Zhu, Ana M. Martins and Judith P. Klinman
    Methods for Studying the Radical SAM Enzymes in Diphthamide Biosynthesis / Min Dong, Yugang Zhang and Hening Lin
    Guidelines for Determining the Structures of Radical SAM Enzyme-Catalyzed Modifications in the Biosynthesis of RiPP Natural Products / Leah B. Bushin and Mohammad R. Seyedsayamdost
    Identification of the Radical SAM Enzymes Involved in the Biosynthesis of Methanopterin and Coenzyme F420 in Methanogens / Kylie D. Allen and Robert H. White
    Lessons From the Studies of a C-C Bond Forming Radical SAM Enzyme in Molybdenum Cofactor Biosynthesis / Haoran Pang and Kenichi Yokoyama.
    Digital Access ScienceDirect 2018