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    Jianghui Hou.
    Summary: The Paracellular Channel: Biology, Physiology and Disease serves as the first volume to offer a cohesive and unifying picture of the critical functions of paracellular channels (tight junctions) in different tissues. This new class of ion channel utilizes a completely different mechanism to create ion passage pathways across the cell junction. This volume outlines common principles that govern the organization and regulation of these diverse cellular structures, describes the methodology of study, and highlights the pathophysiologic consequence of abnormal structure and functions of the paracellular channels in human diseases. Coverage includes biochemical, biophysical, structural, physiologic analyses of the paracellular channel, and new technologies for recording and characterization.

    Paracellular channel formation
    Paracellular channel recording
    Paracellular cation channel
    Paracellular anion channel
    Paracellular water channel
    Paracellular channel in organ system
    Paracellular channel in human disease
    Paracellular channel as drug target
    Paracellular channel evolution
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