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    volume editors, Simon K.W. Lloyd, Neil Donnelly.
    New imaging modalities in otology / Bance, M., Zarowski, A., Adamson, R.A., Casselman, J.W. -- Optimizing ossicular prosthesis design and placement / Bance, M. -- Advances in the field of bone conduction hearing implants / McLeod, R.W.J., Culling, J.F., Jiang, D. -- Hearing rehabilitation in congenital middle ear malformation / Frenzel, H. -- Hearing rehabilitation with active middle ear implants / Donnelly, N., Pennings, R.J.E. -- Brain plasticity and rehabilitation with a cochlear implant / McKay, C.M. -- Hearing preservation cochlear implant surgery / Bruce, I.A., Todt, I. -- Extended applications for cochlear implantation / Hempel, J.M., Simon, F., Müller, J.M. -- Management of cochlear nerve hypoplasia and aplasia / Freeman, S.R., Sennaroglu, L. -- Hearing rehabilitation in neurofibromatosis type 2 / North, H.J.D., Lloyd, S.K.W. -- The future of cochlear implant design / Mitchell-Innes, A., Saeed, S.R., Irving, R. -- Pharmacological issues in hearing rehabilitation / Bird, P.A., Bergin, M.J. -- Intraoperative auditory system monitoring / Miyazaki, H., Caye-Thomasen, P. -- Diagnosis and treatment of perilymphatic fistula / Deveze, A., Matsuda, H., Elziere, M., Ikezono, T. -- The role of the eustachian tube in middle ear disease / Tysome, J.R., Sudhoff, H.
    Digital Access  Karger 2018