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    by Patricia McCarthy Veach, Bonnie S. LeRoy, Nancy P. Callanan.
    Guidelines for Book Users: Instructors, Supervisors, and Students
    Overview of Genetic Counseling: History of the Profession and the Reciprocal Model of Practice
    Listening to Patients: Attending Skills
    Listening to Patients: Primary Empathy Skills
    Gathering Information: Asking Questions
    Structuring Genetic Counseling Sessions: Initiating, Contracting, Ending, and Referral
    Collaborating with Patients: Providing Information and Facilitating Patient Decision Making
    Responding to Patient Cues: Advanced Empathy and Confrontation Skills
    Patient Factors: Resistance, Coping, Affect, and Styles
    Providing Guidance: Advice and Influencing Skills
    Counselor Self-Reference: Self-Disclosure and Self-Involving Skills
    Genetic Counseling Dynamics: Transference, Countertransference, Distress, Burnout, and Compassion Fatigue
    Professionalism: Ethically-Based Reflective Practice
    Appendix A: ACGC (2015) Practice-Based Competencies
    Appendix B: NSGC Code of Ethics (2017).