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    edited by Steven Walfish, Jeffrey E. Barnett and Jeffrey Zimmerman.
    Beginning in practice -- Is private practice for you? Key information and considerations for success -- Models of private practice : which practice is best? -- Startup finances -- Insurance needs of the private practitioner -- Typical forms used in a private practice -- Recordkeeping in private practice -- Measuring clinical progress with the OQ-45 in a private setting -- Entrepreneurship basics for practitioners -- Envisioning your ideal practice -- Developing a business plan -- Managing your practice -- Considerations in acquiring office space -- Psychotherapy office designs that support treatment objectives -- Technology considerations in running a private practice -- Issues in hiring and supervising professional staff and support personnel -- Basic bookkeeping and accounting for the private practitioner -- Practice management consultants -- The role of a certified public accountant in planning, structuring, and running a private practice -- The role of the attorney in a private practice -- Financial planning for the private practitioner -- Mentorship in the life and work of the private practitioner -- The business of practice -- Fees and financial arrangements in private practice -- Effective billing and collecting -- The basics of managed care and its impact on private practice -- Opportunities and challenges of Medicare -- Optimizing customer service in private practice -- Growing a practice -- Issues in developing and joining a group practice -- The basics of marketing applied to private practice -- The use of media in marketing a private practice -- The use of social media in marketing a practice -- How to promote your practice through community presentations. Collaboration -- Collaborating with healthcare professionals -- Collaborating with legal professionals -- Collaborating with the educational community -- Consulting psychology in the business world -- Ethics and legal issues -- Common ethical transgressions by private practitioners -- Ethics issues regarding supervision and consultation in private practice -- Malpractice issues for the private practitioner -- HIPAA 101 for the private practitioner -- Ethical and legal aspects of the practice of teletherapy -- Dealing with third parties : legal and ethical considerations -- Managing high-risk suicidal clients in private practice -- Issues in planned and unplanned disruptions in clinical practice -- Considerations in closing in private practice -- Special issues -- The private practitioner and family issues -- Sustaining self-care and thriving as a private practitioner -- Stalking and online harassment of the private practitioner -- Continuing education and lifelong learning strategies -- How social policy impacts private practice -- Assessment and evaluation services -- Child custody evaluations -- Personal injury evaluations -- Presurgical bariatric evaluations -- Evaluations for testing accommodations for adolescents and adults with specific learning disorders or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder -- Assessment of egg and sperm donors -- Psychotherapy services -- Counseling women with breast cancer -- Treating anxiety disorders -- Treating obsessive-compulsive and related disorders -- Cognitive-behavioral therapy for hoarding disorder -- Treating trauma and abuse -- Intensive outpatient treatment for eating disorders -- Assessment and treatment of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder -- Counseling clients with Asperger's -- Counseling deaf and hard-of-hearing clients -- Counseling clients with borderline personality disorder -- Psychotherapy with college students -- Beyond lesbian and gay : a private practice for bisexual, transgender, polyamorous, and kinky clients -- Interracial couples therapy -- Psychotherapy with interfaith couples -- Other services -- Developing a sport psychology practice -- Social skills (social competence) training for children and adolescents -- Behavioral sleep medicine -- Collaborative divorce -- Co-parenting -- Treating chronic physical illness -- Dating skills coaching and psychotherapy.