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    edited by Dr. Naidong Weng and Dr. Wenying Jian, Janssen Research & Development, LLC.
    Part I: Overview. Overview of targeted quantitation of biomarkers and its applications / Naidong Weng -- Translational application of biomarkers / Ray Bakhtiar -- Current regulatory guidance pertaining biomarker assay establishment and industrial practice of fit-for-purpose and tiered approach / Naidong Weng -- Modern liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry for targeted biomarker quantitation / Wenying Jian -- Comparison between LC-MS and ligand-binding assay approaches for biomarker quantification / QingQing Wang, Lili Guo, and Ian A. Blair -- Sample preparation methods for targeted biomarker quantification by LC-MS / Shichen Shen, Bo An, and Jun Qu -- Overcome the endogenous levels in biomarker quantitation using LC-MS / Guowen Liu -- Part II: Challenges and approaches. Sample collection for targeted biomarker quantitation by LC-MS / Yuzhong Deng and Xiaorong Liang -- Nonspecific binding in LC-MS bioanalysis / Aimin Tan and John C. Fanaras -- Strategies for improving sensitivity for targeted quantitation by LC-MS / Long Yuan and Qin C. Ji -- Strategies to improve specificity for targeted biomarker quantitation by LC-MS / Yuan-Qing Xia and Jeffrey D. Miller -- Biomarker quantitation using relative approaches / Shane M. Lamos and Katrina E. Wiesner -- Part III: Applications. Targeted quantification of amino acid biomarkers using LC-MS / Barry R. Jones, Raymond F. Biondolillo, and John E. Buckholz -- Targeted quantification of peptide biomarkers: a case study of amyloid peptides / Lieve Dillen, Marc De Meulder, and Tom Verhaeghe -- Targeted protein biomarker quantitation by LC-MS / Yongle Pang, Chuan Shi, and Wenying Jian -- Glycoprotein biomarkers / Shuwei Li, Stefani N. Thomas, and Shuang Yang -- Targeted lipid biomarker quantitation using liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) / Ashkan Salamatipour, Ian A. Blair, and Clementina Mesaros -- Targeted LC-MS quantification of androgens and estrogens for biomarker development / Daniel Tamae -- Steroid biomarkers / Mike (Qingtao) Huang, Shefali Patel, and Zhongping (John) Lin -- Bile acids as biomarkers / Clara John, Philipp Werner, Joerg Heeren, and Markus Fischer -- Biomarkers for vitamin status and deficiency: LC-MS based approach / Stanley (Weihua) Zhang and Jonathan Crowther -- Quantitation of acyl-coenzyme A thioesters as metabolic biomarkers / Nathaniel Snyder -- Neurotransmitter biomarkers / Guodong Zhang -- Targeted quantification of carbohydrate biomarkers using LC-MS / Cong Wei and Hong Gao -- Nucleoside/nucleotide biomarkers / Guodong Zhang -- LC-MS of RNA biomarkers / Michael G. Bartlett, Babak Basiri, and Ning Li.
    Digital Access  Wiley 2017