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    edited by Mrignayani Kotecha, Richard L. Magin, and Jeremy J. Mao.
    1. Stem cell tissue engineering and regeneratvie medicine: role of imaging -- 2. Principles and applications of quantitative parametric MRI in tissue engineeering -- 3. High field sodium MRS/MRI: application to cartilage tissue engineering -- 4. SPIO-labeled cellular MRI in tissue engineering: a case study in growing valvular tissues -- 5. Magnetic resonance elastography applications in tissue engineering -- 6. Finite-element method in MR elastography: application in tissue engineering -- 7. In vivo EPR oxygen imaging: a case for tissue engineering -- 8. Tissue-engineered grafts for bone and meniscus regeneration and their assessment using MRI -- 9. MRI assessment of engineered cartilage tissue growth -- 10. Emerging techniques for tendon and ligament MRI -- 11. MRI of engineered dental and crandiofacial tissues -- 12. Osteochondral tissue engineering: noninvasive assessment of tissue regeneration -- 13. Advanced liver tissue engineering approaches and their measure of success using NMR/MRI -- 14. MRI of vascularized tissue-engineered organs -- 15. MRI tools for assessment of cardiovascular tissue engineering -- 16. Peripheral nerve tissue engineering and regeneration ovserved using MRI.
    Digital Access  Wiley 2017