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    edited by Mrignayani Kotecha, Richard L. Magin, and Jeremy J. Mao.
    1. Stem cell tissue engineering and regeneratvie medicine: role of imaging
    2. Principles and applications of quantitative parametric MRI in tissue engineeering
    3. High field sodium MRS/MRI: application to cartilage tissue engineering
    4. SPIO-labeled cellular MRI in tissue engineering: a case study in growing valvular tissues
    5. Magnetic resonance elastography applications in tissue engineering
    6. Finite-element method in MR elastography: application in tissue engineering
    7. In vivo EPR oxygen imaging: a case for tissue engineering
    8. Tissue-engineered grafts for bone and meniscus regeneration and their assessment using MRI
    9. MRI assessment of engineered cartilage tissue growth
    10. Emerging techniques for tendon and ligament MRI
    11. MRI of engineered dental and crandiofacial tissues
    12. Osteochondral tissue engineering: noninvasive assessment of tissue regeneration
    13. Advanced liver tissue engineering approaches and their measure of success using NMR/MRI
    14. MRI of vascularized tissue-engineered organs
    15. MRI tools for assessment of cardiovascular tissue engineering
    16. Peripheral nerve tissue engineering and regeneration ovserved using MRI.
    Digital Access Wiley 2017