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    edited by Alec Buchanan, Lisa Wootton.
    Society, madness, and control / Nikolas Rose
    UK health policy in relation to mentally disordered offenders in the community / Jane Senior, Adrian Hayes, and Jenny Shaw
    US outpatient commitment in context / Jeffrey W. Swanson, Marvin S. Swartz, and Daniel D. Moseley
    The law in England and Wales on mental health treatment in the community / Jo Beswick and Michael Gunn
    Achieving positive outcomes for justice-involved people with behavioral health disorders / David A. D'Amora, Mai P. Tran, and Fred C. Osher
    Psychiatric disorder and individual violence / Joan Busfield
    Recovery and recidivism reduction for offenders with mental illness / Merrill Rotter, Virginia Barber-Rioja, and Faith Schombs
    Treatment and management of personality-disordered offenders in the community / Nikki Jeffcote and Jackie Craissati
    Treatment with medication / Derek K. Tracy and Fiona Gaughran
    Outpatient psychotherapeutic approaches with mentally disordered offenders / Cleo Van Velsen and Kingsley Norton
    Sex offender treatment / John M.W. Bradford, Giovana V. de Amorim Levin, Adekunle G. Ahmed, and Sanjiv Gulati
    Violence risk in community settings / Alec Buchanan and Michael A. Norko
    Community psychiatric treatment under legal mandates / Alec Buchanan, Steve Kisely, Daniel D. Moseley, Jorun Rugkåsa, Jeffrey W. Swanson, and Marvin S. Swartz
    Lowering legal barriers to transitioning mentally disordered offenders into general mental health care / John Dawson and Tom Burns
    Multiple agencies with diverse goals / James McGuire and Lisa Wootton
    The community mental health team and the mentally disordered offender / Frank Holloway and Tony Davies
    The interface of general psychiatric and forensic psychiatric services / Lisa Wootton, Tom Fahy, Simon Wilson, and Alec Buchanan.
    Digital Access Oxford 2017