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    edited by Giuseppe Vallar and H. Branch Coslett.
    Summary: "The Parietal Lobe, Volume 151, the latest release from the Handbook of Clinical Neurology series, provides a foundation on the neuroanatomy, neurophysiology and clinical neurology/neuropsychology of the parietal lobe that is not only applicable to both basic researchers and clinicians, but also to students and specialists who are interested in learning more about disorders brought on by damage or dysfunction. Topics encompass the evolution, anatomy, connections, and neurophysiology, the major neurological and neuropsychological deficits and syndromes caused by damage, the potential for improvement via transcranial stimulation, and the role of the parietal in the cerebral networks for perception and action"--Publisher's description.

    Section 1: Neuro-anatomy and neurophysiology of the parietal lobe. The history of the neurophysiology and neurology of the parietal lobe
    The evolution of the parietal lobe: rats, monkeys, apes and humans
    Cortico-cortical and cortico-subcortical connections of the parietal lobe
    Somatosensory maps
    The parietal lobe and pain perception
    The parietal lobe and the vestibular system
    Multisensory and sensorimotor maps
    The parietal lobe "reach" region
    Section 2: Neurological and neuropsychological deficits after parietal lobe damage. Somatosensory deficits
    Pain syndromes and the parietal lobe
    Optic ataxia
    Simultanagnosia and balint's syndrome
    Perceptual deficits of object identification: the apperceptive agnosias
    Unilateral spatial neglect
    Disorders of body knowledge
    Constructional apraxia
    Limb apraxia
    Language deficits
    Memory deficits
    Gerstmann's syndrome
    Parietal lobe epilepsy
    Transcranial stimulations of the parietal lobe for improving neurological deficits
    Section 3: The parietal lobe and brain networks for action and perception
    The "dorsal" parietal stream
    Action systems in the human brain
    Parietal lobe and tool use
    Parieto-frontal networks for eye-hand coordination and movements
    The parietal lobe and memory
    The parietal lobe "mirror" neuron system.
    Digital Access ScienceDirect 2018