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    edited by Stephen T. Russell, Stacey S. Horn.
    Summary: There has been dramatic social change with respect to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights around the world in the last decade. Yet legal protection and inclusion remain limited for LGBT youth. The context of schooling is especially important-schools remain the primary societal institution to which most youth have access and in which nearly all youth spend some significant portion of their lives. LGBT youth are at risk for some of the greatest difficulties experienced by adolescents, and many of those problems have been traced directly to negative school experiences. Research shows that anti-LGBT school victimization results in poor academic performance and negative school attitudes, mental health, and risk behaviors. New studies have identified characteristics of schools that are associated with inclusion and safety for LGBT students, including practices and policies that are associated with positive school climate and student wellbeing. Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Schooling brings together contributions from a diverse group of researchers, policy analysts, and education advocates from around the world to synthesize the practice and policy implications of research on sexual orientation, gender identity, and schooling. The book is interdisciplinary, as studies of LGBT students and schooling have emerged across disciplines including education, clinical, school, and developmental psychology; sociology; and public health. Included are syntheses of key areas of research; examples of new international models for educational practice; case studies of transformational policy and practice; and specific examples of the nexus of research, practice, and policy. The fundamental goal of this book is to advance social justice related to sexual orientation and gender identity through strengthening the relationship between research, practice, and policy to support LGBT students and schools. It will be of interest to school, developmental, and clinical psychologists, educators and school administrators, and LGBT scholars. -- Provided by publisher.

    Introduction : Sexual orientation, gender identity, and schooling / Stephen T. Russell and Stacey S. Horn
    Understanding and reducing homophobic harassment and victimization in schools / V. Paul Poteat
    School safety and connectedness matter for more than educational outcomes : the link between school connectedness and adolescent health / Elizabeth Saewyc and Yuko Homma
    Disrupting hetero-gender-normativity : the complex role of LGBT affirmative supports at school / Neal A. Palmer, Joseph G. Kosciw, Emily A. Greytak, and Madeline J. Boesen
    Supporting LGB/T youth : comprehensive school transformation as effective bullying prevention / Sarah Schriber, Stacey S. Horn, Christina Peter, L. Boyd Bellinger, and David Fischer
    LGB-parent families and the school context / Abbie E. Goldberg
    Transsexuality and school education in Brazil / Maria Rita de Assis Cesar and Josafá Moreira da Cunha
    The school-to-prison pipeline and the pipeline population : the patterns and practices of its production and dismantling possibilities / Shannon Snapp and Adela C. Licona
    Inextricably linked : the shared story of ethnic studies and LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum / Shannon Snapp and Stephen T. Russell
    Teaching about sexual and gender diversity and challenging homophobia/transphobia in the South African school system / Finn Reygan
    Sexual and gender minorities and bullying in Japan / Makiko Kasai
    Changing the school climate : a critical examination of the policies and strategies against homophobia adopted in the Province of Quebec, Canada / Line Chamberland and Gabrielle Richard
    Advocacy to support gender identity development in schools in the face of organized backlash / David Fischer, L. Boyd Bellinger, Stacey S. Horn, and Shannon L. Sullivan
    The shifting political winds : LGBT students, educational policy and politics, and the dilemmas confronting street-level bureaucrats / Catherine A. Lugg and Jason P. Murphy
    Enumerated U.S. state laws : evidence from policy advocacy / Stephen T. Russell, Stacey S. Horn, Raymond L. Moody, Amanda Fields, and Elizabeth Tilley
    From "dignity" to "success" : using strategic communications to change policies and perspectives / Ryan Schwartz and Carolyn Laub
    The Australian context : turning research into policies, policies into research / Tiffany Jones and Lynne Hillier
    The use of research in policy and advocacy for creating safe schools for LGBTQ students / Carolyn Laub and Hilary Burdge
    Sexual diversity in Spanish schools / José Ignacio Pichardo Galán
    Homophobia, schooling, and the Italian context / Salvatore Ioverno, Nicola Nardelli, Roberto Baiocco, Isabella Orfano, and Vittorio Lingiardi
    Sexual orientation, gender identity, and school : learning from the past, envisioning the future / Stacey S. Horn and Stephen T. Russell.
    Digital Access Oxford 2017