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    [edited by] Edgar V. Lerma, Matthew A. Sparks, Joel Michels Topf.
    Part I. Patient assessment. History and physical diagnosis
    Measurement of GFR
    Imaging techniques
    Renal biopsy
    Part II. Acute kidney injury. Epidemiology, etiology, pathophysiology and diagnosis
    Management options: CRRT
    Hepatorenal syndrome
    Cardiorenal syndrome
    Tumor lysis syndrome
    Contrast-induced nephropathy
    Acute glomerulonephritis and RPGN
    Nephrotic syndrome
    Obstructive uropathy
    Part III. Chronic kidney disease. Epidemiology, etiology, pathophysiology and staging
    Anemia in chronic kidney disease
    Renal osteodystrophy
    Cardiovascular disease
    Management of the patient with progressive renal failure
    Drug dosing in patients with CKD
    Part IV. Primary glomerular disorders. Minimal change disease
    Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis
    Membranous nephropathy
    IgA nephropathy and Henoch Schonlein disease
    Membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis
    Part V. Secondary glomerular disorders. Diabetic nephropathy
    Lupus nephritis
    Dysproteinemias or light chain diseases
    Thrombotic microangiopathies
    Part VI. Infection associated glomeruleonephritides. Post-infectious glomereulonephritis
    Viral hepatitis-associated glomerulonephritis
    HIV-associated renal disorders
    Part VII. Other renal parenchymal diseases. Fabry disease
    Cystic diseases of the kidneys
    Other hereditary renal disorders
    Tubulointerstitial diseases
    Urinary tract infections
    Renal neoplasias
    Part VIII. Renal diseases in special populations. Renal disease and hypertension in pregnancy
    Sickle cell nephropathy
    Renal disease in the elderly
    Part IX. Treatment options. Hemodialysis
    Home dialysis
    Peritoneal dialysis
    Therapeutic plasma exchange (plasmapheresis)
    Part X. Transplantation. Epidemiology and outcomes
    Donor and recipient evaluation
    Rejection of the renal transplant
    Post-transplant malignancies
    Post-transplant infections
    Primary care of the renal transplant patient
    Part XI. Hypertension. Primary hypertension
    Renal parenchymal hypertension
    Renovascular disease
    Endocrine hypertension
    Other forms of secondary hypertension
    Renal diseases in African-Americans
    Resistant hypertension
    Hypertensive emergencies
    Pharmacologic treatment of hypertension
    Non-pharmacologic treatment of hypertension
    Part XII. Acid-base and electrolyte disorders. Volume disorders
    Genetic disorders of Na transport
    Hyponatremia and hypernatremia
    Hypokalemia and hyperkalemia
    Hypocalcemia and hypercalcemia
    Disorders of phosphorus metabolism
    Disorders of magnesium metabolism
    Metabolic acidosis
    Metabolic alkalosis
    Part XIII. Onconephrology.
    Part XIV. Palliative care nephrology.
    Part XV. Nephrology beginnings.
    Part XVI. Nephrology trivia.
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