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    by Dr. Alice Villalobos with Laurie Kaplan.
    Molecular biology of cancer and aging -- Caring for geriatric cancer patients : the concept of pawspice and what is needed aside from medical care -- The warning signs of cancer in geriatric pets -- Basic types of cancer and their biological behavior -- Generating the diagnosis and prognosis of cancer in geriatric pets -- Treating cancer in geriatric pets -- Principles and philosophic perspective -- The role of surgery in cancer management -- Chemotherapy in the management of geriatric cancer -- Adverse effects of cancer therapy in geriatric pets -- The role of radiation therapy in cancer management -- Immunotherapy, cancer vaccines, and gene therapy -- Chemoprevention and immunonutrition -- Integrative and alternative medicine -- Electroporation and electrochemotherapy -- Pain control for the geriatric cancer patient -- Decision making with advanced and recurrent cancer in the geriatric patient -- When and how to decide that a geriatric cancer patient is terminal -- Palliative care : end of life 'pawspice' care -- Euthanasia for the geriatric cancer patient -- The veterinary professional/client relationship : supporting your clients supporting yourselves -- Professional support : the wellbeing of the veterinarian and the team.
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