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    by Dr. Alice Villalobos with Laurie Kaplan.
    Molecular biology of cancer and aging
    Caring for geriatric cancer patients : the concept of pawspice and what is needed aside from medical care
    The warning signs of cancer in geriatric pets
    Basic types of cancer and their biological behavior
    Generating the diagnosis and prognosis of cancer in geriatric pets
    Treating cancer in geriatric pets
    Principles and philosophic perspective
    The role of surgery in cancer management
    Chemotherapy in the management of geriatric cancer
    Adverse effects of cancer therapy in geriatric pets
    The role of radiation therapy in cancer management
    Immunotherapy, cancer vaccines, and gene therapy
    Chemoprevention and immunonutrition
    Integrative and alternative medicine
    Electroporation and electrochemotherapy
    Pain control for the geriatric cancer patient
    Decision making with advanced and recurrent cancer in the geriatric patient
    When and how to decide that a geriatric cancer patient is terminal
    Palliative care : end of life 'pawspice' care
    Euthanasia for the geriatric cancer patient
    The veterinary professional/client relationship : supporting your clients supporting yourselves
    Professional support : the wellbeing of the veterinarian and the team.
    Digital Access Wiley 2018