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    edited by Andy Shores and Brigitte A. Brisson.
    Section I: Diagnostics and planning. Neurosurgical instrumentation -- Orthopedic implants in neurosurgery -- Minimum database for intracranial surgery -- Advanced imaging: intracranial surgery -- Cisternal cerebrospinal fluid taps -- Minimum database: spinal surgery -- Advanced imaging: spinal surgery -- Lumbar cerebrospinal fluid taps -- Muscle and nerve biopsy -- Section II: Intracranial procedures. Transfrontal craniotomy -- Lateral (rostrotentorial) craniotomy/craniectomy -- Suboccipital craniectomy/foramen magnum decompression -- Surgical treatment of skull tumors -- Shunt placement and marsupialization in treatment of hydrocephalus and quadrigeminal diverticula -- Section III: Spinal procedures. Atlantoaxial subluxation -- Dorsal cervical decompression (laminectomy/hemilaminectomy and laminotomy) -- Ventral slot -- Lateral cervical approach -- Cervical distraction and stabilization -- Thoracolumbar hemilaminectomy -- Intervertebral disc fenestration -- Thoracolumbar lateral corpectomy -- Pediculectomy/mini-hemilaminectomy -- Dorsal laminectomy in the thoracolumbar region -- Vertebral fracture and luxation repair -- Lumbosacral decompression and foraminotomy -- Surgical management of spinal neoplasia -- Section IV: Postoperative care and rehabilitation. Guidelines for postoperative medical care of the neurosurgical patient -- Physical rehabilitation of the neurosurgical patient.
    Digital Access  Wiley 2017