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  • Book
    by Lisa A. Beltz.
    I : Introduction
    Bat immunology
    II : Viral infections of bats
    Rabies virus and other bat rhabdoviruses
    Henipaviruses and other paramyxoviruses of bats
    Filoviruses and bats
    Bats and coronaviruses
    Other RNA viruses and bats
    Baltimore class I and class II DNA viruses of bats
    Reverse-transcribing bat viruses and large-scale bat virome studies
    III : Bacterial infections of bats
    Arthropod-borne bacterial infections of bats
    Other bacteria and bats
    IV : Protist infections of bats
    Apicomplexans and bats
    Kinetoplastids and bats
    V : Fungal infections of bats
    White-nose syndrome and bats
    Histoplasma capsulatum and other fungi and bats
    VI : Zoonotic disease transmission and bats
    Zoonotic transmission of disease by bats and other animals.
    Digital Access Wiley 2018