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  • Book
    edited by Ann E. Hajek, David I. Shapiro-Ilan.
    Section I. Introduction
    1. General concepts in the ecology of invertebrate diseases
    2. Methods for studying the ecology of invertebrate diseases and pathogens
    Section II. The Basics of Invertebrate Pathogen Ecology
    3. The pathogen population
    4. The host population
    5. Abiotic factors
    6. The biotic environment
    Section III. Ecology of Pathogen Groups
    7. Viruses
    8. Bacteria
    9. Fungi
    10. Microsporidia
    11. Nematodes
    12. Modeling insect epizootics and their population-level consequences
    13. Leveraging the ecology of invertebrate pathogens in micrbial control
    14. Prevention and management of diseases in terrestrial invertebrates
    15. Prevention and management of infectious diseases in aquatic invertebrates
    16. Ecology of emerging infectious diseases of invertebrates
    17. Conclusions and future directions.
    Digital Access Wiley 2017