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    edited by Jay P. Singh, Daryl G. Kroner, J. Stephen Wormith, Sarah L. Desmarais, and Zachary Hamilton.
    Recidivism risk assessment in the 21st century / John Monahan
    Performance of recidivism risk assessment instruments in correctional settings / Sarah L. Desmarais
    Risk/needs assessment in North America: the CAIS/JAIS approach to assessment / Chris Baird
    Correctional offender management profiles for alternative sanctions (COMPAS) / Tim Brennan
    The federal post-conviction risk assessment instrument: a tool for predicting recidivism for offenders on federal supervision / Thomas H. Cohen
    The inventory of offender risks, needs, and strengths (IORNS) / Holly Miller
    The level of service (LS) instruments / J. Stephen Wormith
    The Ohio risk assessment system / Edward J. Latessa
    Self-appraisal questionnaire (SAQ): a tool for assessing violent and non-violent recidivism / Wagdy Loza
    Service planning instrument (SPIn) / Natalie J. Jones
    The static risk offender needs guide-revised (STRONG-R) / Zachary Hamilton
    Risk/needs assessment abroad: offender group reconviction scale / Philip Howard
    Forensic operationalized therapy/risk evaluation system (FOTRES) / Leonel C. Gonalves
    The RisCanvi: a new tool for assessing risk for violence in prison and recidivism / Antonio Andres-Pueyo
    Risk assessment: where do we go from here? / Faye S. Taxman.
    Digital Access Wiley 2018