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    [edited by] Robert Lim, Daniel B. Jones.
    Sleep apnea / Ashley Willoughby
    Malignant hypertension / Harry Aubin
    FUSE : fire during temporal artery biopsy / Paul Wetstein
    Argon gas embolism / Roger Eduardo
    FLS : aortic trocar perforation / Megan Bowen
    Advanced laparascopy notes / Mark A. Gromski and Kai Matthes
    Robotic-assisted surgery / Brenda Schmidt and Gordon Wisbach
    Single incision and troubleshooting robotic surgery / Shah and Kudsi
    Ethical/legal issues, decision making / Steve Alcazar and Shawn Tsuda
    End of life care / Lam and Tsuda
    Skin cancer / Jigesh A. Shah and Omar Yusef Kudsi
    Decubitus ulcers / Pamela C. Masella and Mark K. Markarian
    Melanoma / Amber E. Ritenour
    Sarcoma and lymphoma / Joshua S. Ritenour
    Thoracic surgery, lung cancer, cough / Ashraf A. Sabe
    Abdominal wall reconstruction / Terri L. Carlson
    Hernia, umbilical/ventral with cirrhosis / Richard M. Peterson
    Asymptomatic inguinal hernia / Anez-Bustillos
    Femoral hernia / Harry T. Aubin
    Postoperative inguinal pain / Harry Aubin and Eric Balent
    Inguinal neuralgia / Aubin and Balent.
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