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    editor, James K. Belknap ; associate editor, Raymond Geor.
    Part 1: Overview: from basic research to caring for the laminitis patient. Historical perspective on equine laminitis / Donald M. Walsh and Teresa A. Burns -- Laminitis: an overview / James K. Belknap -- Anatomy and function of the equine digit / A.H. Parks -- Lamellar function at the cellular level / Christopher C. Pollitt -- Digital biomechanics relevant to laminitis / Jonathan Merritt, Helen Davies and Andrew H. Parks -- Part 2: Pathophysiology of laminitis. Overview / James K. Belknap -- Experimental models of laminitis: starch overload / Susan C. Eades -- Experimental models of laminitis: oligofructose overload / Christopher C. Pollitt and Gabriel J. Milinovich -- Experimental models of laminitis: black walnut extract / John F. Peroni -- Experimental models of laminitis: hyperinsulinemia / Catherine McGowan and Janet Patterson-Kane -- Hemodynamic events in laminitis / John F. Peroni, Susan C. Eades and Simon R. Bailey -- The role of thrombosis and coagulation in equine laminitis / Simon R. Bailey -- Leukocytes and inflammatory signaling in laminitis: leukocytes / Rafael R. Faleiros and James K. Belknap -- Leukocytes and inflammatory signaling in laminitis: inflammatory signaling / Britta Leise -- Role of proteases in laminitis / Samuel J. Black, Le Wang, Erica Pawlak, Fengqiu Zhang, John Loftus and Dominique Alfandari -- Endocrine and metabolic dysregulation in laminitis: role of pituitary dysfunction / Philip J. Johnson -- Endocrine and metabolic dysregulation in laminitis: role of corticosteroids / Philip J. Johnson -- Metabolic syndrome in humans and horses: the relationship between obesity and insulin resistance / Teresa A. Burns and Ramiro E. Toribio -- Dysregulation of the lamellar basal epithelial cell in laminitis: role of the cytoskeleton and cell junctions / Christopher C. Pollitt -- Structural dynamics of displacement of the distal phalanx / Andrew H. Parks -- Part 3: Clinical presentation of equine laminitis. General clinical aspects of the laminitis case / Andrew van Eps -- Sepsis-related laminitis / Susan C. Eades -- Laminitis in equine metabolic syndrome / Andy E. Durham -- Laminitis in pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction / Philip J. Johnson -- Supporting limb laminitis / Gary M. Baxter -- Part 4: Diagnostic evaluation of equine laminitis. Detailed physical examination for laminitis / Richard A. Mansmann and Hans H. Castelijns -- Diagnostic imaging / Andrew H. Parks and James K. Belknap -- The digital venogram / Amy Rucker -- Endocrine and metabolic evaluation in horses with laminitis / Ramiro E. Toribio and Teresa A. Burns -- Part 5: Medical treatment of the laminitic patient. General supportive care for the laminitis case / Andrea E. Floyd and Debra R. Taylor -- Common therapies: anti-inflammatory therapy / Thomas J. Divers -- Vasoactive drug therapy / Simon R. Bailey and Susan C. Eades -- Analgesia / Bernd Driessen and Laura Zarucco -- Digital hypothermia / Andrew W. van Eps and Christopher C. Pollitt -- Equine sepsis / Samuel D. Hurcombe and Susan J. Holcombe -- Equine metabolic syndrome / Andy E. Durham -- Pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction / Dianne McFarlane, Philip J. Johnson and Harold C. Schott -- Part 6: Treatment of laminitis: digital support and stabilization of the distal phalanx. Therapeutic shoes: application of principles / Stephen E. O'Grady -- Solear support techniques / Raul J. Bras -- Approaching digital management prior to displacement of the distal phalanx / Randy B. Eggleston -- Hoof care management of horses with displacement of the distal phalanx / Andrew H. Parks -- Part 7: Treatment of the laminitis case. The use of casts in equine laminitis / James K. Belknap and Raul J. Bras -- Deep digital flexor tenotomy / R. Wayne Waguespack, Jr -- Dorsal hoof wall techniques / Amy Rucker -- Complications of laminitis / Robert J. Hunt and James K. Belknap -- Part 8: Management of chronic laminitis. Management changes in the laminitis case / Andrew Van Eps, Robert J. Hunt, James K. Belknap and Jeff Ridley -- Part 9: Prevention of laminitis. Overview of laminitis prevention / James K. Belknap and Andy E. Durham -- Prevention of supporting limb laminitis / Harry J. Markwell and Gary M. Baxter -- Prevention of sepsis-related laminitis / Samuel D. Hurcombe and Susan J. Holcombe -- Nutritional management for avoidance of pasture-associated laminitis.
    Digital Access  Wiley 2017