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    edited by Mark P. Schoenberg and Kara L. Watts.
    Summary: Managing urologic cancer by preserving, as opposed to removing, affected tissue, is rapidly becoming the favoured choice for urologists and oncologists. Discover all available options and how to achieve the best possible patient management with this expert guide to the area. The editor, Mark Schoenberg, is an internationally-renown expert in this exciting new area and has recruited an outstanding team featuring some of the leading urologists/oncologists in North America and Europe to assist him.

    Cancer genetics, cancer biology, and tumor growth and metastasis : the interaction of cancer and its host environment / Mark C. Markowski and Kenneth J. Pienta
    Pathological basis of tumor characterization: cytopathology, surgical pathology, and how histo-morphology informs treatment decision making / Oleksandr N. Kryvenko and Fadi Brimo
    The immunobiology of tumor ablation / Rafi Kabarriti and Chandan Guha
    Computed tomography of urologic malignancies : the role of mdct in renal cell carcinoma and transitional cell carcinoma / Siva P. Raman and Elliot K. Fishman
    Mri and metabolic imaging / Louise Dickinson, Francesco Fraioli, Athar Haroon, and Clare Allen
    Biopsy strategies in the analysis of urologic neoplasia / Nabeel A. Shakir, Soroush Rais-Bahrami, and Peter A. Pinto
    Active surveillance for low-risk prostate cancer / Laurence Klotz
    Tissue-preserving surgical approaches in urologic oncology : the therapeutic mechanism for tumor ablation / Ganesh Kartha and J. Stephen Jones
    Prostate cancer : an evidence-based approach to tissue-preserving strategies / Kara L. Watts, Yaalini Shanmugabavan, Mark Emberton, and Hashim Uddin Ahmed
    The modern basis for nephron-sparing surgery in patients with renal cancer : biologic heterogeneity, the significance of tumor biopsy, and the changing roles of partial nephrectomy and tumor ablation / Jeffrey J. Tomaszewski, Robert G. Uzzo, and David Y.T. Chen
    Bladder-preserving strategies in the treatment of urothelial cancer : the disease spectrum and the dawn of molecular surgical guidance / Stephan Kruck and Arnulf Stenzl
    Image-guided thermal ablation of adrenal malignancies / Kyungmouk Steve Lee, Bradley B. Pua, and Stephen B. Solomon / Chapter 13
    Managing penile cancer : integrating tissue preservation, energy-based therapeutics, and surgical reconstruction / Arthur L. Burnett
    Testis cancer : testis-sparing cancer surgery / Nilay M. Gandhi and Pravin K. Rao
    Nanotechnology : an evolution in tissue preservation and focal-targeted oncologic therapy / Kara L. Watts and Joshua M. Stern
    Trial design issues in the study of focal therapy in prostate and kidney cancer / John b. Eifler and David F. Penson.
    Digital Access Wiley 2018