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  • Book
    edited by Christopher Woodhouse, Alex Kirkham.
    1. Subtotal nephrectomy and tumour ablation
    2. Renal transplantation
    3. Imaging after endo-urological stone treatment
    4. Pelvi-ureteric junction reconstruction
    5. Retroperitoneal fibrosis
    6. Urinary diversion
    7. Ureteric reconstruction and replacement
    8. Conservative and reconstructive bladder surgery
    9. Bladder augmentation in children
    10. Radiology and follow-up of the neobladder
    11. General consequences of lower urinary tract replacement and reconstruction
    12. Surgery on the benign prostate
    13. Imaging after treatment of prostate cancer
    14. Urethroplasty
    15. The postoperative appearance and follow-up of urinary tract prostheses
    Digital Access Wiley 2018