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    Shamim I. Ahmad, editor.
    Part I. Introduction, Historical Aspects and Sources of UV Light -- 1. History of UV lamps, types, and their applications -- Part II. UV Photoproducts, Damage to DNA and Mutagenesis -- 2. Ultraviolet light induced generation of reactive oxygen species -- Part III. UV Light and Human Diseases -- 3. UV-induced molecular signaling differences in melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer -- 4. Xeroderma Pigmentosa Group A (XPA), nucleotide excision repair and regulation by ATR in response to ultraviolet irradiation -- 5. Impact f ultraviolet light on vitiligo -- 6. Polymorphous light eruption -- 7. Ultraviolet radiations: skin defense-damage mechanism -- 8. Ultraviolet photobiology in dermatology -- 9. Ultraviolet A-1 in dermatological diseases -- 10. Photodermatoses in the pigmented skin -- 11. Psycho-neuro-endocrine-immunology: a psychobiological concept -- Part IV. UV Light Benefits to Man -- 12. Ultraviolet B radiation: the Vitamin D connection -- 13. Role of Vitamin D in rheumatoid arthritis -- 14. Asthma and allergy "epidemic" and the role of Vitamin D deficiency -- 15. Vitamin D metabolism and the implications for atherosclerosis -- 16. Vitamin D and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus -- 17. Impact of UV radiation on genome stability and human health -- 18. Vitamin D, cardiovascular disease and risk factors -- Part V. UV Light in Sterilization -- 19. Biofilms: microbial strategies for surviving UV exposure -- 20. UV induced mutagenicity in water: causes, detection, identification and prevention -- 21. Role of ultraviolet disinfection in the prevention of surgical site infections -- 22. UV disinfection of wastewater and combined sewer overflows -- Part VI. UV Light in Phototherapy -- 23. Phototherapy in atropic dermatitis -- 24. Phototherapy of psoriasis, a chronic inflammatory skin disease -- 25. Ultraviolet irradiation of blood: "The cure that time forgot?" -- 26. From UV protection to protection in the whole spectral range of the solar radiation: new aspects of sunscreen development -- 27. Safety and efficacy of phototherapy in the management of eczema -- Part VII. Tanning Saloon -- 28. UV driven tanning salons: danger on Main Street -- Part VIII. UV Dosimeters -- 29. Dose quantification in UV phototherapy -- Index.
    Digital Access  Springer 2017