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    Shamim I. Ahmad, editor.
    Part I. Introduction, Historical Aspects and Sources of UV Light
    1. History of UV lamps, types, and their applications
    Part II. UV Photoproducts, Damage to DNA and Mutagenesis
    2. Ultraviolet light induced generation of reactive oxygen species
    Part III. UV Light and Human Diseases
    3. UV-induced molecular signaling differences in melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer
    4. Xeroderma Pigmentosa Group A (XPA), nucleotide excision repair and regulation by ATR in response to ultraviolet irradiation
    5. Impact f ultraviolet light on vitiligo
    6. Polymorphous light eruption
    7. Ultraviolet radiations: skin defense-damage mechanism
    8. Ultraviolet photobiology in dermatology
    9. Ultraviolet A-1 in dermatological diseases
    10. Photodermatoses in the pigmented skin
    11. Psycho-neuro-endocrine-immunology: a psychobiological concept
    Part IV. UV Light Benefits to Man
    12. Ultraviolet B radiation: the Vitamin D connection
    13. Role of Vitamin D in rheumatoid arthritis
    14. Asthma and allergy "epidemic" and the role of Vitamin D deficiency
    15. Vitamin D metabolism and the implications for atherosclerosis
    16. Vitamin D and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
    17. Impact of UV radiation on genome stability and human health
    18. Vitamin D, cardiovascular disease and risk factors
    Part V. UV Light in Sterilization
    19. Biofilms: microbial strategies for surviving UV exposure
    20. UV induced mutagenicity in water: causes, detection, identification and prevention
    21. Role of ultraviolet disinfection in the prevention of surgical site infections
    22. UV disinfection of wastewater and combined sewer overflows
    Part VI. UV Light in Phototherapy
    23. Phototherapy in atropic dermatitis
    24. Phototherapy of psoriasis, a chronic inflammatory skin disease
    25. Ultraviolet irradiation of blood: "The cure that time forgot?"
    26. From UV protection to protection in the whole spectral range of the solar radiation: new aspects of sunscreen development
    27. Safety and efficacy of phototherapy in the management of eczema
    Part VII. Tanning Saloon
    28. UV driven tanning salons: danger on Main Street
    Part VIII. UV Dosimeters
    29. Dose quantification in UV phototherapy
    Digital Access Springer 2017