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    [edited by] Giuseppe Micali.
    Epidemiology and pathogenesis / Vincenzo Bettoli and Giulia Ruina
    Clinical features and diagnostic clues / Maria Letizia Musumeci, Maria Rita Nasca, Piera Catalfo, Karishma Bhatt, and Giuseppe Micali
    Histopathology / Franco Rongioletti
    Classification and severity scales / Giuseppe Monfrecola and Matteo Megna
    Correlation between severity and its impact on quality of life / Nevena Skroza and Maria Concetta Potenza
    Comorbidities and complex syndromes / Gabriella Fabbrocini and Valerio De Vita
    Complications / Teresa Oranges, Valentina Dini, Andrea Chiricozzi, Salvatore Panduri, and Marco Romanelli
    Ultrasound imaging / Antonio Martorell
    Radiological imaging / Giuseppe Petrillo, Stefano Palmucci, and Claudia Trombatore
    Skin imaging : dematoscopy and videodermatoscopy / Francesco Lacarrubba, Anna Elisa Verzì, Federica Fiorentini, and Giuseppe Micali
    Differential diagnosis / Stefano Veraldi, Elena Guanziroli, and Mauro Barbareschi.
    Digital Access Wiley 2017